Thursday, August 5

the microphone to stream with ease like the pros

Shure has just announced the MV7, its brand new microphone for podcasters and streamers. It makes the years of expertise of its big brother, the SM7B, more accessible.

Already a specialist in the world of audio, Shure goes a little further with the MV7, a hybrid microphone that combines XLR and USB to simplify its use for podcasts and the streams.

Microphone enthusiasts are already familiar with the Shure SM7B, a staple of the professional podcast and replacement for the SM7, used among other things for the recording of Thriller by Michael Jackson. It is nevertheless a device that is designed above all for professionals and Shure wanted to bring its expertise and the performance of this microphone in a more affordable model, both technically and financially. Thus was born the Shure MV7.

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The MV7 does not require an amplifier or sound card

Both XLR and USB compatible (micro USB to the microphone, two cables are provided: USB-A and USB-C), the Shure MV7 does not require a preamp or sound card, which makes it easier to use. configure and avoid the additional costs to operate directly on a computer, but also on smartphones and tablets. In addition, it also has a direct headphone output for monitoring listening, which is rather usual.

Some of the settings are made on the touch panel of the microphone itself. You will be able to manage the gain of the microphone, the volume level of the headphone output or even mute it directly as well.

An improved software part

But the idea of ​​the Shure MV7 is above all to be technically accessible to all neophytes who wanted to take advantage of the confinement to get into podcasting and streaming on Twitch. The microphone focuses only on vocals to make them stand out more clearly and an automatic adjustment optimizes gain on the fly to ensure a constant output level even if the user is moving and not always at the same distance from the microphone .

On PC, Shure also offers a new application (MOTIV) to control audio functions, manage different presets in order to slightly modify their voice or even indicate their distance from the MV7.

A reduced price (compared to the SM7B)

The Shure MV7 is offered at the recommended price of 285 euros, which is a significant saving compared to the 459 euros of the SM7B. Note, however, that it comes with a hoop for hanging it on a pole, but no tripod comes with it if you prefer to simply put it on your desk.

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