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The low-cost connected home according to Lidl arrives on February 1 in France

After having offered its solutions in Switzerland, Belgium and Portugal, the Lidl brand will be offering its home automation products in France as of February 1. Enough to equip your home with connected objects at a low price with a solution that is easy to set up.

The only thing missing was France. After having started to deploy its solutions to our neighbors, home automation according to Lidl arrives in France as of February 1. The famous low-cost brand will promote its wide range of connected devices in its stores in France.

As we announced to you at the end of 2020, Lidl has started selling its own solution of bulbs, sockets and other connected objects for the home in neighboring European countries. But France was excluded for the moment. This will soon be an error corrected for French customers who will be entitled to many compatible products, moreover, with voice assistants.

A wide range of connected objects available

« All the essentials», Proudly announces the brand. Among the Lidl Smart Home stamped devices, we find the inevitable connected LED bulbs, with different models, in white or colors (7.99 euros or 9.99 euros for the E27 color model). They have the usual features of automatic lighting and are based on the Zigbee 3.0 protocol.

They can then be attached to other compatible platforms and not just the Lidl home automation gateway also sold in stores (19.99 euros). This will nevertheless allow a first immersion in the connected home for all those who discover via the Lidl solution by offering easy installation and management.

The home automation hub of the Lidl Smart Home solution

The home automation hub of the Lidl Smart Home solution

Placed under the Silvercrest brand, the catalog of connected objects also includes a plug that will allow any connected device to be connected, variable-intensity LED ribbons, and even an astonishing ceramic fan heater (39.99 euros ). It connects to your Wi-Fi network so that it can be controlled remotely. You can then decide on its heating time (timer function), its ventilation, its inclination or its oscillation.

They will work through the Lidl Home app. Many products can also be operated by voice thanks to the compatibility with Google Assistant and fit into many scenarios.

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