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The Legend Of Zelda Games

The Legend Of Zelda Games series has been around for so long. It is filled with endless action for its players. It is an adventurous game which has acquired a big fan base over the years. With every new game, there is always a change or improvement. Legend of Zelda breath of the wild surrounds a character called link, whose main goal is to save princess Zelda.

the legend of zelda games

About The Legend Of Zelda Games; breath of the wild

I think that if there is a game that needs to be played on switch or wii u, then it is definitely legend of Zelda breath of the wild. The developers of this game have been consistent, filling our gaming experience with a lot of fun with each legend of Zelda release.

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This game is the first of its kind that comes in HD. Sadly, breath of the wild will be the last of the legend of Zelda series. Fortunately, it is as exciting or even more as the previous games. Everyone who plays it will definitely be in for a treat. I know whoever gets around to playing it will enjoy for sure. The Legend Of Zelda Games breath of the wild will require 13.4 GB of memory if you play with switch. This could be much, but it is totally worth it. The performance on switch and wii u is almost similar. You are going to encounter so much as you progress in the game.

Breath of the wild interesting features in The Legend Of Zelda Games

One of the things that make this game so interesting and outstanding is the landscapes. The landscapes on breath of the wild are so beautiful and noticeable. You will also find that a lot of the features in the game resemble the real world. This drifts it away from virtual world and makes playing it so much fun.

Even though it is a role play video game it is not predictable. You will be happy to know that you will not find anything that you can predict. The creators took care of every single detail to make the game come to life. For instance, Link will react to the normal weather conditions like a human. If it gets too cold you need to get him warm. If he gets into a hot territory, you will have to get him out or he will not survive.

the legend of zelda games

As you play, you will have so many quests and missions. It makes the game have a challenge without making it too obvious. The challenges are intended for you to take time to get to the end. This is a good thing because they are so captivating. An example would be the enemy camps that you are supposed to raid. After raiding, you can acquire some weapons and treasures that you will need later on.

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It is important to note that the survival of Link requires more work than before. For instance, his weapons wear out and you will need to get others. Alternatively, you can even improvise with what is immediately available. You will also need to prepare food as you go along. The food cannot just be made without much thought. It needs to have been thought through. You can create some really good recipes as you continue to play.

Improvements in breath of the wild in The Legend Of Zelda Games

There are so many things that set this game apart from the previous ones in the series. For example the forces of nature are considerably felt. If it’s daytime, you experience everything that comes with day. At night, you will be able to notice the creatures and other things associated with night time. Animals are also created to behave in a way that they would in real life. Like I said, so much detail has been put into legend of Zelda breath of the wild. This makes the The Legend Of Zelda Games something that has not been experienced as much in the previous releases.

the legend of zelda games

The main quest is the captured memories, which is optional. Captured memories involve the pictures taken by princess Zelda in twelve locations. Link was probably in all those locations so you must visit them all. The clues to getting to those destinations are in the pictures. These could be the key to unlocking your memories. Some of the locations are goron city, Zoras domain, rito village, vah medo dungeon, vah naboris dungeon, gerudo town, among others.

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There are korok seeds which are meant to help you acquire inventory space. With this space, you can store weapons, bows and shields. The seeds are traded with Hetsu, who gives you a gift if you collect all 900. You can easily find korok seeds around Hyrule if you pay attention to your surroundings and complete puzzles. Another interesting place apart from Hyrule is Rito village. Rito village is the home of people that fly. You can interact and do a lot of activities here.

Breath of The Legend Of Zelda Games wild gameplay

The Legend Of Zelda Games breath of the wild has incorporated the use of a very interesting gameplay. It includes side quests like misko the great bandit, labyrinths and ceremonial song. There are monsters you will encounter like the fireblight ganon which uses fire magic and great sword. There are dungeons, shrines, and castles which add to the thrill.

The shrines are 120 in number, 42 of which are hidden. In order to access them, you have to complete riddles or puzzles which are the shrine quests. The breath of the wild shrines will test Links abilities and skills. The breath of the wild shrine locations are available on maps scattered all over the overworld. Some of these shrines are keo rug shrine, mirro shaz shrine, sha warvo shrine, shee venath shrine, sheh rata shrine, daka tuss shrine, ishtoh soh shrine, kuh takkar shrine, kaam yatak shrine, ya naga shrine and kam urog shrine (cursed statue) among others.

The Legend Of Zelda Games

Getting to the shrines will ultimately help you acquire the master sword.

Although it is optional, it will enable you in the battle between link and calamity ganon. Completing four shrines gives you the option to upgrade hearts. 13 heart containers allow you to get the master sword.

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I can only say so much about breath of the wild. You just have to play it and see for yourself how amazing it truly is.

Over to You for The Legend Of Zelda Games

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