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the immersive drone which is also aimed at beginners

The DJI FPV has just been formalized. This drone that must be piloted while wearing a helmet on the head wants to allow novice users to learn about the world of FPV (First Person View) drones traditionally reserved for an expert audience.

FPV drones are usually reserved for an audience already versed in this environment. These devices indeed embed a camera which retransmits the images captured in a helmet worn in front of the eyes by the user. The three letters FPV stand for “First Person View” in English, or “first person view”.

These drones are usually dedicated to racing or twirling flight sessions. However, the brand new DJI FPV freshly made official wants to offer this kind of experience while addressing a varied audience ranging from expert people (obviously) to the most neophytes.

The DJI FPV and its headphones

The DJI FPV and its headphones // Gamesdone: DJI

Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director of DJI Europe does not skimp on his praise for DJI FPV.

It can fly at full speed, in hover mode like a traditional drone, accelerate like a bolide but stop faster than any other. The DJI FPV offers the world the thrilling experience of immersive flight, without the apprehension of technology or the hours it takes to build a system from scratch.

Three piloting modes for all levels

The DJI FPV prides itself on having three distinct piloting modes to adapt to all profiles and skill levels. The normal mode (N) is precisely the one that will allow the most novices to try out the joys of FPV without losing their bearings too much. In this configuration, the device keeps an operation quite similar to consumer drones.

To understand: it is able to hover automatically thanks to its GPS and its dedicated sensors. In addition, there is obstacle detection to warn the user who remains responsible for avoiding shocks.

To this normal mode, the manual mode (M) is opposed, which leaves full control to the pilot. The DJI FPV deactivates automatic hovering and you will therefore have to mobilize all your expert talents to maneuver the beast as it should. Note that there is also a third sport mode (S) which wants to be a hybrid offering “some dynamic movement capabilities of Mode M with some of the key safety features of Mode N. Mode S is the balance between the three modes and has been developed to give pilots more freedom to explore their skills while familiarizing themselves with FPV flight“, We read in the press release.

In addition, regardless of the mode chosen, you will always have access to a series of safety options such as emergency braking. Even in M ​​mode you can occasionally activate the functions dedicated to beginners. By pressing a button provided for this purpose, it is always possible to automatically return the DJI FPV to its starting point.

A flow of 50 to 120 fps in the headphones

By purchasing the DJI FPV, you will also get the headset and the remote controller. A motion controller is also available as an option to guide the drone with hand gestures.

The manufacturer emphasizes in particular the quality of the image transmitted with an HD mode of 1880 x 810 pixels at 60 fps offering a field of vision of 142 degrees. This goes to 150 degrees in 50 fps. As for the latency, we are promised that it will never exceed 40 ms.


Le DJI FPV // Gamesdone: DJI

You can also enjoy a smooth mode that pushes the video stream to 120 frames per second with a field of view of 142 degrees or 100 fps at 150 degrees. On the other hand, the latency never drops below 28 ms. A public mode allows you to broadcast your flight in eight connected headsets to share with your friends.

4K videos at 60 fps

So much for the images seen in flight by the pilot. But the DJI FPV’s camera records in 4K at 60 fps with a write speed of 120 Mb / s. The brand promises excellent stability, in particular thanks to a RockSteady mode which erases flickering. A slow motion mode is also available for videos of 120 frames per second in 1080p. The good news is that you have the choice of recording in H.264 or H.265 formats.

A word about the DJI Fly app. It benefits from an update to welcome tutorials to take his first steps in the world of FPV drones.

DJI FPV price and availability

From today you can buy the DJI FPV. The standard pack costs 1,349 euros and includes the drone, radio control, headset, battery and all the necessary cables.

The standard DJI FPV kit

The standard DJI FPV kit with headphones and radio control // Gamesdone: DJI

A Fly More kit exists to provide two additional batteries and a charging station at 279 euros. The movement controller mentioned above is offered at a price of 149 euros.

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