Sunday, April 11

The Google Play Store wants to speed up the first launch of apps

Google optimizes the first launch of applications on Android by collecting the areas of the most used apps to order their download.

We do not necessarily perceive it in France with our unlimited connections available on almost the entire territory, but downloading applications is not always easy. Optimization is therefore an important project at the heart of Google’s philosophy in order to facilitate their access for everyone.

Already in 2018, Google created the App Bundle, a system for creating different packages in a single Google Play Store application in order to adapt to the user’s device even before it is downloaded. The size of the downloads was therefore drastically reduced since the package thus recovered did not contain unnecessary information dedicated to other devices.

To another extent, Google launches installation optimization, as spotted by 9to5Google.

Your first recorded action

The idea of ​​optimizing application installation is to identify which parts of applications are used the most and in what order when the user first launches their application. Once this data has been collected, the download of the application can be optimized in order to favor these parties.

Android will therefore now record your first interactions with a new application, promising however that no personal data is linked to this information and that no data on the content consumed is recorded. Everything is completely anonymized by a principle of mass and impossible to link to a specific user.

Accelerated installation

With this data, Google will thus be able to speed up the installation of applications from the Google Play Store (and certainly download the most used sections first in order to make it accessible more quickly), reduce the time required to open the web. application and reduce the consumption of processor, battery and storage space.

Google does not give more technical information on how this will be handled. One can imagine that the little used functions will be more strongly compressed, opening only on an explicit call from the user.

An option … optional

For now, this feature is not yet available, but 9to5Google has spotted traces of its existence not only in the Google documentation, but also in the source code of the Google Play Store. Either way, all users will be able to take advantage of it, but those who prefer not to share this kind of information with Google can turn off First Launch Information Gathering from the Google Play Store.

To do this, go to the application settings to deactivate the “App Install optimization” option (the French name is not yet known). At the very least, it will be possible when the option is deployed.

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