Tuesday, October 27

The Google Camera Go application will shortly receive a Night Mode and HDR to take better photos in low light

The Google Camera app will receive a major update shortly. The Night Mode and HDR will come to it to help users improve the exposure of their photos. Google Camera Go is the decaffeinated version of the application for Google Pixel mobile cameras. With this application, any owner of an Android Go mobile can use Google technology to take better photos. All mobiles include their own app to take photos, but Google demonstrated with its Pixels to have an experienced software. Pixels with fewer cameras than other phones achieve great results in image processing. This is what should reach the rest of phones with the next updates in Google Camera Go. When it was launched at the beginning of the year, this application offered a small number of the tools that the app does for the Pixel. Google promised to include HDR that improves the balance between light and shadow in photos. There was no news of this update so far that the company has published this video announcing the arrival of HDR and a Night Mode. In the video, Pranay Bhatia, director of the Camera Go project, explains how the app uses multi-frame exposure to produce a clearer image without the need for flash in dark environments. This is a system already offered by most mobile phones on the market, although not in the cheapest phones for which Android Go is aimed. This Night Mode is now available for models like Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61 and Wiko Y81. Remember that the quality of Night Mode for the Pixel 3 was very high, without noise in the images. The application uses artificial intelligence and computational calculation to analyze the burst of frames and create a better image. Not much else has been mentioned about the HDR function, the release date is not yet known, although this announcement confirms that it is close. This is good news for Android Go phones, which, due to their prices, usually have simpler cameras than mid-range or high-end phones. We tell you the differences between Android stock, Android One and Android Go, three versions of the same operating system that are focused on very different terminals and whose appearance and functions vary greatly from one to another. The Nokia 1.3 has, for example, an 8 Mpx rear camera and a 5 Mpx front camera. It would be necessary to test the Night Mode of Google Camera Go to compare it with the one offered by Nokia in its own application.


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