Thursday, October 29

The Google assistant launches the new guest mode for a more private use

The Google assistant will release the new guest mode in the coming weeks. This is a new feature that allows you to make more private use. The Mountain View company has announced the arrival of a new feature that aims to improve privacy in the Google Assistant. In a post on its official blog, the Big G has introduced the new guest mode for Google Assistant, a feature that will allow you to use the assistant in a private way. As its name suggests, the new Google Assistant guest mode is designed so that people who visit us can use our Google Home or Google Nest smart speaker without interfering with our account. In this way, interactions will not be recorded and personalized responses or suggestions will not be received. Therefore, we can say that in practice it will work as an incognito mode, and you can enable it when you don’t want any trace of your queries to remain. Do you want to get the most out of the Google Assistant? So take note of all the “Ok Google” voice commands you can use in 2020. Activating the new Google Assistant guest mode will be a breeze. According to the company, it can be enabled with a simple voice command, and you will have the possibility to deactivate it at any time you want to enjoy the complete and personalized user experience again. At the moment, this new feature is not available yet, so you will have to wait for the corporation to release it in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, remember that you have at your disposal different formulas to erase what you say to Google Assistant. If you say “Ok Google, delete the last thing I told you” or “Ok Google, delete what I told you last week”, to give a few examples, the wizard will execute your order instantly. In case you want to delete more than a week, it will direct you to the settings page of your account to complete the action. If you need help to delete all the audios that Google has of you, here we explain how to eliminate voice searches and Voice Match.

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