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the games offered in June 2021


With the month of June, new titles can be added for free by Google Stadia Pro subscribers to their library. Lovers of motorcycle racing, adventure and puzzle games or even RPGs will be delighted.

Games offered to Google Stadia Pro subscribers in June

Games offered to Google Stadia Pro subscribers in June

Four new games are added to the library of titles offered to Google Stadia Pro subscribers in June. It is now possible, for 10 euros per month, to enjoy no less than 25 games to add to your personal catalog for free.

And this month, there is once again something for everyone. Fans of sports, thinking, adventure or deceptively easy platform games, you will be served.

Games offered in June 2021

  • The Legend of Heroes
  • MotoGP 20
  • Blue Fire
  • Chronos : Before the Ashes

Released on Nintendo Switch, Blue Fire is an original game in content and form. Visually, it narrates the adventures of a strange creature that one would believe out of Hollow Knight or The Wind Maker. This 3D platform game way Celeste also brings its dose of fights not obvious, but dynamic.

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We no longer present MotoGP 20, the motorcycle racing simulator developed by Milestone. You can choose between a career or manager mode, accelerations on the most prestigious circuits with the best pilots on the handlebars.

If you are more of a fan of adventure and puzzles, turn to Chronos : Before the Ashes. You play as a game of man who must save his house from a strange curse. And for that, face monsters and solve puzzles. But with a subtlety: every time you die, your character comes back to life… with a year older.

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Another RPG-style adventure game, The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel III. Here is the continuation of the adventures of Rean Schwarzer, drill sergeant returned from the war of Erebonia and who must train new heroes.


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