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the FSD subscription for next month, but can we really believe it?


The subscription to the Full Self-Driving features of the Tesla Autopilot has been overdue for several months already. But Elon Musk assures him: this package will arrive next month. After several postponements, can we still believe in his forecasts?

Navigation Autopilot sur Tesla Model 3

Autopilot navigation on Tesla Model 3 // Gamesdone: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

Eight months ago, a clue unearthed in the updated section of the Tesla application proved the existence of a future subscription to the Full Self-Driving features of Autopilot, or fully autonomous driving skills in French. Today, this option is billed at 7,500 euros on purchase for French customers.

But in the future, this purchase could simply disappear in favor of a monthly or annual subscription. In any case, this is what Elon Musk made us understand during his media outings on Twitter, his favorite social network. Problem: the subscription in question is long overdue.

A habit

Initially expected at the end of 2020, this novelty was finally postponed to the beginning of 2021. Beginning of 2021 – namely the first quarter – has stood out and is now part of the past, without the slightest subscription is offered to users.


The boss of SpaceX even took advantage of the month of March to announce yet another postponement, and a deployment “in the second trimester, for sure“. As of mid-May, Tesla has still not honored its commitments and finds itself once again forced to postpone this project, as Elon Musk did in a recent twitter message.

In response to an Internet user who asked him about the matter, Mr. Musk said: “The subscription will be available in about a month“. But one question remains: can we really believe the entrepreneur? For more than six months now, the elements communicated have not corresponded to reality.

Extreme caution

Here, therefore, extreme caution must be exercised as to the new date indicated. In doing so, if Tesla adjourns once again the implementation of the subscription, the disappointment will not be as great as usual. On the other hand, if the manufacturer joins the action to the word, we can only congratulate Elon Musk for having (finally) kept his promises.

This observation is absolutely not new, since it also applies to the launch of 100% autonomous driving, the initial schedule of which was also not respected. As well as the deliveries of the new Tesla Model S, expected since last February by the first customers, but finally sent only from May at the earliest depending on the version selected.

In short, see you in June 2021 to witness two possible scenarios: yet another postponement or a definitive deployment. Place your bets, no more bets

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