Sunday, January 24

the Frandroid team took part in the exercise

The members of the editorial staff of Frandroid lent themselves to the exercise of the Tuesday Quiz. Are they knowledgeable about Tech?

Which brand known for its smartphones started out selling noodles? How many pixels is a Full HD screen? What is Huawei’s mapping application called? These are the kind of questions we ask you every Tuesday on Instagram. But do the journalists of Frandroid know how to answer it themselves?

The Tuesday Quiz for the editorial staff

To find out, Arnaud took the Frandroid team in front of the camera to ask them about fifteen questions from the Tuesday Quiz. And as the competition can be funny, our journalists played two by two to face each other in face-to-face. Thus, Geoffroy measured himself against Melinda, Cassim against Omar and Grégoire against Manu to determine “who wants to take his place of the twelve strokes of noon for a million»(Yes, that does not mean anything, but it is Omar who says it…). And it was not won!

We let you discover who is the real champion of the writing of Frandroid:

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And you, would you have answered all the questions in this quiz correctly? Let us know in the comments and don’t hesitate to follow us on Instagram to take part in our quizzes every Tuesday and put your Tech culture to the test.

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