Thursday, November 26

the fixed Internet network is disturbed in some places

SFR’s fixed network is disrupted in some parts of France. A priori this would be due to some renovation work and should only be temporary.

SFR’s fixed Internet network has been the subject of several complaints in recent hours in certain regions of France. If it would be hasty to speak of a real national blackout, disruptions have been reported.

The platform Is The Service Down ? thus indicates that problems have been detected, but the number of reports is far from reaching the level usually observed when a service failure at an operator affects almost the entire territory. Here, the concerns encountered seem to be focused on certain areas of Île-de-France as well as on the cities of Lille, Nantes and their surroundings.

SFR Internet problem fix

Problems are detected on the fixed network of SFR // Gamesdone: Is The Service Down?

In addition, SFR had warned some of its customers of potential disruptions. For example, here is what one of the members of the Frandroid team living in Paris received two days ago (Wednesday, November 4):

We are improving the network every day and particularly in your city, where antennas will be renovated for 1 week to complete our Very High Speed ​​mobile network. We would like to apologize in advance if you notice any disruption to your services. If so, rest assured, it will only be temporary. Thank you for your confidence.

SFR’s after-sales service is active on Twitter

In other words, if you have subscribed to SFR and you no longer have a fixed internet connection, you are not alone. In addition, by taking a tour of Twitter, we can see that the SFR Assistance after-sales service account has been very active over the past few hours, because it is very busy.

The account in question responds to many users complaining either of an interruption or instability of their connection. SFR Assistance does not however provide any public explanation and invites customers to continue the conversation in private messages. We will try to update this article if the situation evolves.

During confinement, the risks of disruption to operator networks are increased. We remember in particular the big blackout of Orange in Île-de-France during the first confinement, but this was due to acts of vandalism.

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