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the first product of the former boss of OnePlus will be wireless headphones

Carl Pei has announced that the first product of his new brand, Nothing, will be a pair of headphones. The release is expected during the summer.

Brand Nothing logo

The visual identity of the Nothing brand // Gamesdone: Nothing

We suspected it given the partnerships and investors already announced by the brand, but the first products of Nothing, the new company of Carl Pei, will be headphones.

It was in the context of an interview with the Bloomberg agency that the former boss of OnePlus, who left last October, confirmed that he wanted to launch headphones during the summer: “Carl Pei explains that his London-based start-up – called Nothing – was developing wireless headphones, as well as a set of smart and connected electronic products. The headphones are due out this summer while other products will follow later in the year ”.

We already knew that the Nothing brand would concern the audio sector, Carl Pei having participated in the design of the OnePlus Bullets headphones. In addition, it has, among its many investors, received the support of Tony Fadell, the designer of the iPod.

A manufacturer that will not be limited to headphones

In his interview with the Bloomberg agency, Carl Pei would however like to recall that Nothing will not be a brand oriented solely towards audio: “We are developing an ecosystem of devices. We’ll start with simpler products, wireless headphones. We will have multiple products during the year, not just audio, and ultimately we want to ensure that these devices can communicate with each other ”.

The engagement letter seems broad to say the least, especially since we still do not know what types of devices, apart from headphones, Nothing intends to offer. Nevertheless, the strategy seems quite close to what Huawei offers with its idea. « 1+8+N » and its multitude of devices around smartphones. Nothing could launch phones in the years to come.

We will still have to wait to find out more about Nothing’s headphones, whether it is their characteristic, their design or their price positioning. We should know more in the coming months ahead of a summer launch.

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