Saturday, September 25

the first device presented is not for sale


Nothing unveils a first product which is a concept of true wireless headphones. The opportunity to present the wishes of the brand.

Nothing Concept 1

Nothing Concept 1 // Gamesdone : Nothing

Carl Pei, the former boss of OnePlus, has put together his own business: Nothing. Together with an audio specialist and the daddy of the iPod, the new Tech brand is preparing to launch wireless headphones later in the year. In the meantime, an article by blog details the manufacturer’s ambitions through a concept, the Concept 1 headphones with a sleek design.

Nothing more to remove

« We spend as much time thinking about what we can get out of a product as we do what we can add to it.“. Here is a statement which could well be the credo of Nothing. A brand from which there is nothing more to remove so that its products become transparent in our daily lives. This is also the will of many brands, starting with Google, Apple or Amazon.

Everything that is superficial has been removed from this concept, down to color since it is… transparent. The product is therefore more in line with Nothing’s ambitions. The name of the brand, meanwhile, is only inscribed inside, discreetly. The goal is to focus on what can be of real value for the user experience.

A design that responds to functions

Just like Apple with its AirPods Max, Nothing indicates its will that “each interaction with a product, from its handling to its activation, is intuitive, obvious and natural“. No additional details are given on this subject, but we can imagine that features have been designed to facilitate transparency of use, as Apple did with its first AirPods and its simplified pairing, or pausing automatic that we find in many competitors.

To do this, Nothing has moved forward in small iterations, always with the objective of simplifying use through design. This sometimes involves changes of the order of a pixel or a millimeter, because every detail counts and the slightest roughness is much more noticeable on a product that approaches transparency.

Beyond functions, Nothing aims to create products that look familiar from the first use, with the goal of keeping them enjoyable for years to come.

A concept that suggests the future

For now, Concept 1 is, as its name suggests, just a concept. These headphones will therefore not be for sale and are only used today to present the direction Nothing wants to follow. The first commercial product serving as the brand’s flagship will not be available until this summer.

Later in the year, more products are expected, perhaps stemming from the DNA of the Essential brand.


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