Tuesday, October 19

The fastest electric hypercar in the world arrives in France at an exorbitant price


The Japanese manufacturer Aspark has launched the marketing of its electric hypercar Aspark Owl in Europe and North America. A French distributor has been chosen for the occasion: it will be necessary to go to Beure (25) to acquire this machine of 2.9 million euros.

Aspark Owl

In the world of electric hypercars, there are many superlatives. Especially for the performances and the advertised prices, generally over a million dollars. Witness the Drago GTE from Drako Motors, the PB18 e-tron from Audi, the Evija from Lotus and the Battista from Pininfarina.

1.72 seconds to reach 96 km / h

To this non-exhaustive list is added a newcomer freshly marketed in North America and Europe, reports Autoplus. Her name ? The Aspark Owl, imagined and designed by the Japanese manufacturer Aspark. And for the old continent, the latter has set its sights on a French supplier as the sole distribution network.

It will indeed be necessary to go to Absolut Cars Consulting, in Beure, in the department of Doubs (25) – near Besançon – to taste this electric meteor with a power of… 2012 horses, for a torque of 2000 Nm, all in all-wheel drive. The Aspark Owl takes advantage of four electric motors to bring down the 0 to 96 km / h in 1.72 seconds.

20 copies for Europe

It’s simple: it is quite simply the fastest electric car in the world in terms of acceleration. Its top speed also reaches 400 km / h, while its range of 450 kilometers remains the only small black point in its technical sheet. Which more based on the NEDC cycle, less realistic than the WLTP standard.

Such a racing car necessarily has a cost. Fasten your seat belt and keep children away from the screen: 2.9 million euros excluding taxes and without option. A total of 50 copies will be produced worldwide, 20 of which will be reserved for Europe.

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