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the expert in trendy scooters is embarking on XXL electric scooters

The Chinese brand, a forerunner in the world of electric scooters, will release an electric scooter this summer, the NIU Kick Scooter. Available in a pro version at 699 euros and a sport version at 599 euros, it emphasizes comfort.

NIU embarks on electric scooters with NIU

NIU launches into electric scooters with the NIU // Gamesdone: NIU

NIU, a forerunner in the world of electric scooters, of which we tested the NQi GTS Sport with a good value for money, is embarking on the adventure of electric scooters. The new one will be called the Niu Kick Scooter and will be available in two versions, Sport and Pro. Count 599 euros and 699 euros for each of the models, which will be available in four colors for the sport, and two for the Pro. This NIU scooter will be on pre-sale online from June 2021. It will be delivered in July 2021, then available commercially at retailers in August 2021.

“We consider that we have designed the most comfortable electric scooter for less than 1000 euros», says Yan Li, CEO of NIU Technologies. Who says comfort, says large model. And indeed, whatever the model, the emphasis has been very clearly placed on it. The handlebars, the chainring, but also the 9.5-inch wheels (on average the wheels of electric scooters are between 6 and 10 inches): everything is wide.

The dimensions are to match with 1173 mm in length or even 1202 mm in height, which corresponds well to the idea of ​​a wide and comfortable model. With such claims, the models weigh their weight: 18.5 kilos for the Sport model, and 20 kilos for the Pro.

Between 40 and 50 km of autonomy

There are two major differences between the models, which may partly explain this difference in weight: engine power and battery life, both of which are greater in the more expensive model. The Kick Scooter Pro has a 350 W motor, and the Sport has a 300 W motor.

NIU is embarking on electric scooters with the NIU KICK SCOOTER.

NIU is embarking on electric scooters with the NIU KICK SCOOTER.

In terms of autonomy, we can count on a 486 Wh battery in the Pro, where the Sport model remains at 365 Wh. Both models have the same top speed of 25 km / h, the legal limit in France. The Pro model offers a range of 50 km before having to go through the charging box, against 40 km for Sport. The downside is that the Pro model will be a little slower to charge: 7.5 hours compared to 5.5 hours for its lighter counterpart. Last difference, the Sport model only has brakes at the front, while the Pro has them at the front and rear.

For everything else, the two models are similar in every way: the NIU Kick Scooter will be foldable, will resist water (IP54), will benefit from lights and reflectors at the front as well as at the rear as well as a small mechanical bell.

“Regenerative braking”

For both models, an application is provided with different modes of use, the Smart Unlock, statistics on your use of the scooter and Bluetooth connectivity. Also on the program, note the presence of an E-Save mode and a technology “Regenerative braking”, which according to the manufacturer should “To increase autonomy in the event of longer weekly journeys”.

According to a barometer carried out by the Federation of Micro-Mobility Professionals (FPMM) and Smart Mobility, 479,000 electric scooters were sold in 2019, representing a market value of nearly 190 million euros. With the health crisis and the boom in individual travel to respect social distancing, it is safe to think that this figure will have increased somewhat in 2020. A trend that will therefore see a new player emerge this summer, already well established in the light vehicle electric.

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