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You may have just ordered a Tesla Model 3, and you are wondering what accessories could make your life easier or enhance your vehicle. Don’t panic, here is our selection.

Whether it is to personalize your car or simply to protect the interior, many accessories have been available for a long time for the Tesla Model 3. With its version restyled for 2021 which is a hit in France, props designers have no shortage of ideas for make you want.

Interior storage, trunk arrangements or even various protections, we have made a tour of what seems interesting to new buyers.

Tesla Model 3: interior accessories

Interior storage

Since the change of the center console by Tesla during the year 2020, the interior storage has been modified. If you want to cleverly organize this location, a pull-out bin is available for under $ 14, with lots of good feedback from the owners.

Under the armrest, Tesla used to provide a small storage bin before the end of 2020, but for a few months now there is nothing. For 11 euros you can buy a storage bin with several compartments, to store coins, keys or glasses, for example.

A small storage under the armrest of the Tesla Model 3

A small storage under the armrest of the Tesla Model 3 // Gamesdone: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

Interior fittings

On the Model 3 Autonomie Standard Plus, Tesla no longer provides indoor rugs. This is not the case on the Performance and Grande Autonomie models, but those supplied are made of fairly dirty carpet. For 110 euros, these water-resistant and easy-to-clean mats will protect the interior as it should, and perfectly conform to the contours of the passenger compartment.

Model 3 Performance owners have a set of aluminum accelerator and brake pedals, but those who have opted for a Model 3 Long Range, or Standard Plus Range are not so lucky. For less than 14 euros, you can remove the original rubber pedals and replace them with an aluminum model. It’s pretty simple to do, and it adds a little premium touch to the interior.

Tesla Model 3: accessories for the trunk

Protective mat

As with the interior of the car, there is no carpet provided for the front and rear trunks of the Tesla Model 3. The carpet covering the rear trunk is rather dirty, it may be interesting to want to protect it. For 65 euros, this rear trunk mat perfectly matches the contours of the trunk, and allows you not to worry about what you put in the trunk: it is very easy to clean, vacuum or shake.

A similar version is available for the front trunk for a little over 20 euros.

The trunk of the Tesla Model 3 with a water resistant mat

The trunk of the Tesla Model 3 with a water resistant mat // Gamesdone: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

If you prefer rubber versions, equivalent to the “All Seasons” models sold by Tesla, you can equip the rear trunk for 41 euros, the front for 16 euros, and if necessary, the part located under the rear trunk can also be fitted. protected for 15 euros.

The trunk fittings

When putting things in the front trunk, organization is difficult due to the lack of compartments. Clever storage can slide on either side of the trunk, to prevent small items from ending up anywhere.

A carpet for the front trunk of the Tesla Model 3, with hooks to secure bags

A carpet for the front trunk of the Tesla Model 3, with hooks to secure bags // Gamesdone: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

On the 2021 Model 3s, you may have noticed two spots visible above the front trunk, leaving one screw exposed. Following a modification on the part of Tesla, small hooks for attaching bags – and installed since the beginning of the Model 3 – have disappeared. For around 8.50 euros, a set of two hooks will allow you to find the usefulness of these small locations.

On the left side of the Tesla Model 3’s trunk, you will find a fairly deep compartment, in which you can slip bottles, clothes or other items that you want to have quick access to. The concern is that the separation with the boot floor is not strong enough, and it can happen when turning that objects end up in the boot, causing noises at each change of direction. To solve this problem, a separation which adapts perfectly to the shape of the trunk is available at 12 euros.

Tesla Model 3: useful protections

If you or your passengers tend to kick the door linings when opening or closing the doors, glue-on guards are available for less than $ 14. They are rather discreet and hold up well over time according to those who have been using them for several months.

An accident can happen quickly, if you want to prevent a possible repair of the central screen, tempered glass protectors are available for less than 19 euros, with a glossy or satin finish, depending on your preferences. The first offers more clarity, but the second will protect from glare.

Tempered glass protection for the Tesla Model 3 screen

Tempered glass protection for the Tesla Model 3 screen // Gamesdone: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

If you regularly load bulky items in your trunk, it may be advisable to protect the threshold. For around 22 euros, you have the choice of color, and keep the original plastic trunk trim in good condition.

If you frequently charge your Tesla Model 3 outdoors for several hours, you may notice that water or debris may collect at the bottom of the charging port. Likewise, if you want to prevent during a high pressure cleaning that an opening of the charging hatch results in water seeping into the CCS port, you can cover the charging port for 8.5 euros. Some cut this protection to put only the lower part, so as to be able to charge at home while protecting the two pins dedicated to direct current.

Tesla Model 3: noise reduction and storage kit

Whether it is to limit air noise at high speed, or to prevent dirt from accumulating on the door sills, adding rubber seals for 23 euros can be a good solution. In this kit, you will have enough to double the door seals, and add one on the front trunk.

While Tesla now provides a USB key for using Dashcam and Sentinel mode functions, many owners are looking for a more robust solution to store their music on USB media. The most popular solution is a 500 GB SSD for around 85 euros, offering enough space to store all or part of your music library, but also enough space for Sentinel mode and recordings. the Dashcam register without problem.

However, sometimes another solution is more practical: it is to insert a microSD card into a USB-C / USB-A reader. This way, you won’t need any cables or adapters whether your device you want to play content on has a USB-C port or not. Count less than 13 euros for the micro SD card reader, and 37 euros for a 256 GB card.

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