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the electric version discarded in favor of a performance-oriented hybrid

The boss of Porsche wanted to put the dots on the “i’s” as to the future of the iconic sporty 911: an electric variant will not arrive for a long time, if ever, in contrast to a performance-oriented hybrid variant. .

Porsche 911

An electric Porsche 911, clearly not for now

At a Bloomberg conference held in November 2019, Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche North America, had said that the sporty 911 would have the right to an electric version, but that it would be the last of the range to benefit from it. Words that contrast with those of the CEO of the brand, Oliver Blume, transcribed in the columns ofAutomotive News Europe.

Thermal for a long time

« Let me be clear: our icon, the 911, will have a combustion engine for a long time to come. The 911 represents the concept of a car that is prepared to accommodate a combustion engine. It is not useful to combine it with electric mobility. We believe in cars specially designed for electric mobility», He hammered during a telephone interview.

Here, the interested party dots the “i” and makes it clear in a hint that the 911 is not specifically intended to benefit from a 100% electric engine. What reassure the most purists among us, who will see the character of their “frog” sold in 1.1 million copies be preserved as it is.

A powerful hybrid

Mr. Blume, on the other hand, is more open about a future hybrid drive: “In the future, there are good ideas for a special hybrid version. A very performance-oriented hybrid», He distills. More generally, Porsche does not intend to stand idly by when it comes to electrified cars, since the manufacturer has invested 15 billion euros in electric mobility, sustainable production and digitization.

« I think in the future there will be room for very sporty electric cars which will be added to other thermal sports cars. There will be great opportunitiesOliver Blume enthuses. The electric Porsche Taycan, for example, is already a reality.

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