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the electric sedan gives its news with a test on the road

For the first time introduced at CES 2020, Sony’s electric concept by the name of Vision-S has undergone initial road tests in Austria. The opportunity for the Japanese brand to give some news about its unique vehicle.

Sony Vision-S

It was the little surprise of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020: Sony exhibited an electric car concept directly on its stand, which at the time had not failed to arouse the curiosity of the editorial staff. The Vision-S, of its name, returns a year later to give its news at CES 2021, when the first road tests were announced last August.

These famous tests, in fact, have indeed started in Austria at the beginning of 2021. The opportunity for the Japanese firm to give some fresh news about this project which could in the future lead to a commercial vehicle. In any case, this is what we can remember from an 8-minute video, in which several project partners (Bosch, Continental, Valeo, Elektrobit Automotive, Continental) intervene.

Always more sensors

Several speakers have expressed their wish that this Vision-S will one day be available on the market. The addition of new sensors – from 33 to 40 – dedicated to autonomous driving shows that the company is seeking to design a successful electric car capable of meeting certain expectations. Expectations placed in particular at the level of connectivity and artificial intelligence.

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Sony wants to focus on these two areas with a system also based on security. Facial recognition, as well as voice and gesture commands will also be an integral part of the user experience. A PlayStation controller even appears on the screen to bring a touch of entertainment dear to the eyes of the brand.

Technical characteristics already known

The huge screen taking the full width of the front cockpit would logically play a central role, in addition to all the classic features that an electric vehicle can receive today. The Vision-S also benefits from speakers in each seat and a 360-degree audio system to enhance the sound immersion.

A year ago, Sony communicated the first technical characteristics: a power of 400 kW thanks to the installation of two electric motors, giving it a maximum speed of 240 km / h. The 0 to 100 km / h would be shot in 4.8 seconds. However, no details on the battery and autonomy have been revealed. It may be necessary to make an appointment in a year for a new batch of information.

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