Thursday, October 29

The € 100 strap of the Apple Watch already has a low cost clone: ​​it costs only 8 euros

The Apple Watch have new straps, although as usual, their price is very high, especially the braided model. However, and as always happens, a much cheaper clone has come out quickly. In this article, ComputerHoy could receive a commission for your purchases. More information One of the most popular launches of the last Apple event was not a device, but an accessory: the Solo Loop straps for Apple Watch, one-size-fits-all and flexible to fit your wrist, but they are really expensive. The braided model, for example, costs € 99 in the Apple Store, although fortunately for users with less purchasing power, AliExpress sells a very similar one for just 8 euros. Apple Watch Series 6 is the latest version of Apple’s smart watch. It comes with a blood oxygen monitor, a new processor based on the A13 of the iPhone 11 and new colors. If you want to compare prices of this and other products in different stores, we recommend that you take a look at the Idealo comparator. In addition to choosing the size, you can also choose the color. All cost the same and are really cheap compared to the official ones, although obviously we are talking about a clone that does not have the same quality as the official Apple. As always, the shipment will take several weeks to reach Spain, and it is that coming from Asia is not the same as if you buy already in our country, although being a tiny product of little value, it is also unlikely that it will be detained at customs . These straps are compatible with all Apple Watch, not only with the new Series 6 that was presented recently and which is priced at approximately € 449, depending on the version you choose. Do you want to perform at your best in your sports training? Sports smart watches will be a great support to achieve this. There is no doubt that accessories and straps for your watches are a very profitable business for Apple, and that with a price that is close to € 100, the profit margins of must be enormous. However, the brand knows its audience and knows that these types of details are a plus that allows customizing a watch widely known as the Apple Watch, which many people have and that suddenly with this strap can have a new dimension. Little by little the American firm is giving a twist to its watches, something that can also be seen in the launch of the Watch SE, a “cheap” model with good performance and much more accessible for certain people. If you like to keep up to date with the latest offers and product recommendations, you can follow them in real time on the channel on Telegram, where we will keep you informed of the latest technology discounts. Today’s other outstanding offers These offers are some of the best you can find right now in different stores and categories. All of them may vary in price slightly or run out, which is why we recommend that you regularly check our website or our channel of offers on Telegram. In this article, ComputerHoy receives a commission from its affiliate partners for each purchase you make through the product links that we have included, something that in no case represents an additional cost for you. However, our recommendations are always independent and objective. You can check our affiliate policy here.

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