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The Disney + subscription is still at the old price for one month


From next February 23, the cost of subscribing to Disney + will increase by 2 euros per month. Fortunately, it is still possible to subscribe for the year to take advantage of the old rate until 2022, while benefiting from 2 months free.

Star arrives on February 23 on Disney +

Star arrives on February 23 on Disney +

The news broke last December: Disney will increase the price of its streaming service to compensate for the arrival of its Star section. Indeed, this category dedicated to content for young adults and adults increases the bill by 2 euros per month, or 20 euros over the year. New pricing which will be implemented from February 23. However, there is still time to take advantage of the old tariff until 2022.

In short :

  • One year commitment at the old rate;
  • Available on many media (TV, smartphones, consoles, etc.);
  • Star Wars, Marvel, The Simpsons, and the entire Disney / Pixar catalog.

The one-year Disney + membership is billed 69.99 euros (compared to 83.98 if you renew your subscription every month). This price allows you to save two months of subscription, and especially to wait until February 3, 2022 before switching to the new price of 89.99 euros per year.

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Where Netflix and Amazon Prime rely on a very varied catalog in terms of content, Disney + focuses on films and series produced by itself or those of its subsidiaries. More than 500 films and 300 series are thus available, all drawn from the Disney universe, but also Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic, which offers access to many documentaries. The acquisition of the rights to FOX makes it possible to find in particular all the episodes of Simpson.

The interest of an annual subscription before February 23 is double. The cost of 12 months of subscription is actually equivalent to 10 months of subscription. Subscribing for one year allows you to enjoy 60 free days.

The other advantage is that you can take advantage of the old tariff for another year. Thus, by taking the annual subscription billed at 69.99 euros from today, it will last you until February 2022. If you wish to renew it afterwards, it will cost you 89.99 euros.

Finally, note that current subscribers can renew their annual subscription at 69.99 euros until August 2021. If you took out a subscription in May 2020, you will be able to benefit from the old tariff when renewing in May 2021.

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