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The Dazn application, close to a “Sport Netflix” will arrive in France on December 1st

Initially expected in France on May 2, Dazn is finally spreading its wings globally on December 1. Established as a “Sport Netflix”, the British application will however arrive in France with a limited catalog.

The British Dazn does not count France among its priority markets, but the application will reach us from this December 1st

The British Dazn does not count France among its priority markets, but the application will arrive here on December 1st // Gamesdone: Daniel Norin – Unsplash

Its catalog in France will not immediately have anything very worrying for tenors like Canal +, RMC Sport, BeIN Sports or Mediapro, but Dazn (diminutive of the expression “Da Zone”) arrives in France on December 1 with a plural concept which could ultimately hit the mark.

The British application (which, like Warner Music and Deezer, counts Access Industries among its main shareholders) relies in particular on content for which it negotiates the rights on a global or national scale, to integrate them into a platform close to a ” Sports Netflix ”, with the added bonus of social features, the sale of tickets to sporting events and an appetite for gaming and eSports. Sectors that Dazn would like to gradually invest when it has strengthened its positions and completed its growth, for the time being curbed by the health situation.

1.99 euros per month in France, but with a feverish offer (for now)

Initially, the service was supposed to arrive in our regions on May 2, but the COVID-19 crisis has postponed its launch. A launch already effective since 2016 in Germany, Switzerland and Japan, while Canada, Italy, the United States, Spain and Brazil have had access to it in turn between 2017 and 2019.

France, which is not considered a priority for the moment, will be eligible from December 1 to a subscription unlocking for 1.99 euros of content available on demand, and sometimes at specific times, specify The echoes, whose rights have been negotiated globally by Dazn. Among them, some great boxing matches. In particular those of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Anthony Joshua. Documentaries on Football and Rugby are mentioned on this relatively feverish menu, but which is intended to fill with time.

As in Germany, where Dazn has firmly established itself in recent years, the idea will be to gradually negotiate the rights of major competitions to attract more subscribers. Across the Rhine, where access to Dazn is negotiated more or less at the same rates as Netflix, the London platform has notably succeeded in securing the broadcasting rights for Bundesliga matches, while negotiating (with Amazon) the broadcast of the prestigious Champions League for the 2021-2022 season. A progression which seems however compromised in France in the short term.

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