Monday, January 18

The collaborative tool Slack bought by the giant Salesforce for 27.7 billion

Specialized in the Cloud and business applications, the Californian giant Salesforce has just acquired the collaborative messaging tool Slack for a total amount of nearly $ 27.7 billion. This is one of the costliest acquisitions to date in Salesforce history.

Slack flies under the banner of $ 27.7 billion enterprise app giant Salesforce

Slack goes under the flag of the publisher Salesforce, giant of the business application for an amount of 27.7 billion dollars // Gamesdone: Scott Webb – Unsplash

Last year it bought the Tableau Software data visualization application for $ 15.3 billion, this year Salesforce is going even further. The American giant, specialized in the Cloud, management software and more generally business applications, has just got its hands on collaborative messaging Slack. The amount of this buyout is colossal: 27.7 billion dollars, including 26.79 paid in cash to the shareholders of the application.

The takeover of Slack by Salesforce, formalized on Tuesday, comes after the operation had been stolen, enough to be the subject of persistent rumors in recent days. It should allow Salesforce to diversify, and Slack to better face competition from Microsoft (and its Teams application, in particular), but also that of other services and groups such as Discord (increasingly used in the context of professional) or Facebook, which also has tools dedicated to corporate chat and productivity, note The Verge.

Microsoft sees two of its competitors become one

With 12 million daily users in October 2019 (we have no more recent official data, but it’s a safe bet that this figure has grown in 2020), Slack was worth 25 billion in the markets before its release. redemption. The group has changed a lot since its creation in 2009: it was then intended for the gaming before reorienting itself towards inter-departmental communication in companies, initially offering a simple alternative to emails.

In recent years, Slack has nevertheless very frankly developed to become a complete tool, with features for video meetings, file hosting, or even computer park administration. These skills have enabled Slack to win large contracts, such as the one signed with IBM to give its more than 350,000 employees access to the application.

For Microsoft, the shift deserves to be negotiated with caution: two of its most aggressive competitors in the business sector are now one. Because if until now, Slack was largely left behind by Teams (115 million daily active users on Microsoft’s service to last October 28), the financial support of Salesforce should allow it to strengthen.

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