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the brand gives Google a boost for an optimized Wear OS

Everything suggested that the OnePlus Watch connected watch would not run on Wear OS. Eventually, the Chinese company and Google are working together to develop an improved version of the operating system.

OnePlus Watch, with or without Wear OS? This is kind of the big question to which some leakers have attempted to respond in recent weeks. For Max Jambor, always well informed about OnePlus projects, the smartwatch of the Chinese company will not ship the Google OS dedicated to connected watches.

Change of plan

OnePlus would not wish to rely on an operating system that it could not modify in depth, thus coping with its qualities and its defects. Also, watches running Wears OS are not known to be autonomy monsters. An important criterion for decision makers of OnePlus, who do not necessarily want to disappoint their community.

OnePlus Watch

However, the subsidiary of the Oplus group has more than one trick up its sleeve. According to its CEO Pete Lau, interviewed by Input and relayed by 9to5Google, Wear OS should indeed be invited to their future connected watch. But not completely in its current form. OnePlus is indeed working with Google to develop an improved version of Wear OS.

An optimized version

« Wear OS has much to be improved. What we are trying to do is work with Google to try to improve the connectivity between the Wear OS ecosystem, Android TV and Android smartphones, to create better interoperability across ecosystems.“, did he declare.

Here, it would therefore not be a question of a simple agreement that would allow OnePlus to use Wear OS, but of a more extensive collaboration from which an optimized operating system would result. A way for the firm of the Middle Kingdom to stand out from the competition through a more successful software experience.

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