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the best tablet of the moment is at Apple

Powerful and versatile, the iPad of 2020 is the best tablet you can find in this price range. It is available for sale on the Cdiscount site at a price of 389 euros.

Apple has occupied an important place in the world of touch tablets for a few years now. With each generation, Apple polishes its tablets, both from a hardware and software point of view, thanks to iPadOS. This year, the iPad is even more interesting than the previous generation. Indeed, the most accessible tablet from Apple now embeds the powerful A12 Bionic processor and its associated features.

Available at a price of 389 euros, the iPad of 2020 is the best tablet you can find in this price range. It is both powerful and versatile, thanks in particular to iPadOS, the App Store and compatible accessories.

A tailor-made operating system

The iPad takes advantage of Apple’s latest operating system for its tablets: iPadOS 14. Its operation is very similar to that of iOS 14, but the Cupertino company has added some well thought out features and optimizations. These allow you to take full advantage of the entire surface area of ​​the 10.2-inch screen.

With Slide Over, you can watch a video on YouTube while visiting Twitter

With Slide Over, you can watch a video on YouTube while visiting Twitter

For example, the icons are smaller, the dock can accommodate more applications and the new widgets take on their full meaning on such a large screen diagonal. iPadOS 14 also offers something to improve its productivity, in particular thanks to a very good management of multitasking. For example, you can split your screen in half to use multiple applications at the same time, such as taking notes while watching a video on YouTube. With Slide Over, it is also possible to add a floating app window on top of another app.

Applications optimized for iPad

IPad apps aren’t just iPhone apps stretched to fill the entire screen. Many apps in the App Store are designed specifically for iPad. This means that the entire screen surface is used intelligently, with adjustments made especially for iPad.

The App Store offers daily selections of editorialized applications

The App Store offers daily selections of editorialized applications

First there are the native applications of the iPad which are very well optimized. This is for example the case of Photos, Files or Mail applications which display a side menu when the iPad is used in landscape mode.

Many third-party apps have also made the effort to adapt to the iPad. This is for example the case of Lightroom, which allows you to retouch your photos while observing the results of the adjustments live. Procreate is one of the references of CAD (computer-assisted drawing) thanks to the many settings it offers. This application is the ally of many creatives, who use it for diagrams, tattoo sketches, illustrations, etc.

For any type of use

With its affordable price and very good performance, the iPad is suitable for all purposes. It can be used as a small screen for watching TV with Molotov or series on Netflix. With an Apple Arcade subscription, the iPad becomes a real gaming station with more than 100 applications available.

IPad 2020 with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil

IPad 2020 with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil

By adding a few accessories, the iPad becomes a real little productivity tool. With a Smart Keyboard, it is quite possible to take notes efficiently on an iPad. Especially since iPadOS now allows the use of wireless mice, enough to transform the iPad into a small computer. With its light weight and long battery life, it can accompany a student for a whole day. Accompanied by an Apple Pencil, the iPad turns into a notebook for notes or drawings, or even a blank canvas for the most gifted with their hands.

A premium tablet

Despite its affordable price and its position as an affordable iPad, this tablet retains high-end finishes and build quality. On the front is a very well calibrated 10.2-inch Retina display. Just below it is the Touch ID button that allows you to unlock the tablet quickly using fingerprint recognition. It is very practical in this period when the wearing of the mask is generalized.

The rest of the iPad is made from a 100% recycled aluminum casing. This material is strong, but also relatively light. It is thanks to him that the weight of the iPad does not exceed 500 grams.

Inside is Apple’s A12 Bionic processor, the one that also powers the iPhone XS and XS Max. It is still a very powerful processor, which makes the games and greedy applications of the App Store run without blinking. This processor, along with Apple’s exemplary tracking of updates, promises the 2020 iPad many years of longevity and fluidity.

The iPad is the best affordable tablet

Displayed at a price of 389 euros, the iPad is the best tablet you can get at this price. On the one hand because it benefits from very good performance, and from a perfectly adapted operating system. On the other hand, the third-party apps and all the accessories make the iPad a multi-functional digital tool that is suitable for many uses.

Finally, the iPad is also a sustainable product. Its processor promises several years of good operation, and regular updates which continue to evolve the tablet.

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