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the best robot vacuums offers at iRobot, Roborock, Neato, Ecovacs …

They do the work for you … they’re robot vacuums. For Black Friday, here are the best models at the best prices at iRobot, Roborock, Neato, Ecovacs …

Robot vacuums have changed a lot. Instead of functioning like the pool robots that I respect, but bump all over the place, bouncing off walls in random directions, they now know how to clean floors methodically. They still get stuck but they learn from their mistakes and are able to create very accurate maps of your interiors.

Many of us have given up the chore of vacuuming … and why not you? Here you will have the list of the best robot vacuums that we have tested. We take advantage of Black Friday to make a nice selection of the best offers.

Roomba E5154

iRobot is the manufacturer who popularized the concept of household vacuum cleaning robot. With his Roomba E5154, he particularly targets pet owners who see floors and carpets littered with hair every day. This will soon be a thing of the past with this proposed robot at -44% for Black Friday.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8

When we talk about a high-end robot vacuum cleaner, we often have the iRobot brand that comes back. The rise of Chinese brands is nevertheless undeniable, this is the case of Ecovacs for example. The Frandroid editorial staff has already tested a more economical model of this brand and was amazed by the performance and quality of the product. On the model presented here we are dealing with heavy, with a dust container that empties itself.

The T8 is sold with and without a self-emptying station, both are on sale on Amazon.

Roborock S5 Max

The Roborock S5 Max looks like the S50. In fact, it is an almost exact copy. The Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner is a very recent product, it was the highest in the range before the arrival of the S6 MaxV. Launched at 600 euros, it is an improved version of the S50 that we tested previously.

300 euros currently at Cdiscount, this is a really good price for this vacuum cleaner.

Neato D4 Connected

This variant of the very good Neato D4 Connected wins a brush cleaning comb to dislodge animal hair (real ones know what we’re talking about) as well as an additional filter. The suction is efficient and the mapping is solid, with easily adjustable no-go zones.

It is today sold € 289 against 499 € when it was launched.

Neato D650

Neato’s mid-range model also puts an emphasis on animals, with a cleaning brush, free HEPA filters (allergy sufferers will appreciate) and an extra side brush so you don’t miss any hair. For the rest nothing to complain about: it is powerful and efficient. Be careful, however, its 10 cm high means that it does not go everywhere.

Amazon offers it today for 349 € instead of € 579.

Xiaomi MIjia 1C

Her pretty white dress is also the expression of her role, the Xiaomi MIjia 1C sucks up every dust and rubbish that litter your floors and in addition washes them if it is parquet or tiles. A precious daily aid with this robot vacuum cleaner which offers a good quality / price ratio. All the more so with a reduction of 60 euros.

Indeed, this vacuum robot has an integrated mapping system and it can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet via the dedicated application. You can of course program automatic cleaning, suction as well as wet cleaning.

In addition to offering a significant suction power and very effective brushes for collecting dust and small debris, the Xiaomi Mijia 1C also has a water tank that will allow it to clean the floor. It’s not worth the good old mop, but done regularly, it will prevent you from prematurely dirty floors.

The Xiaomi Mijia 1C is a product that can usually be found at 219.99 euros and in this Black Friday period it is at 159.99 euros at Cdiscount.

Black Friday – Black Week: all you need to know

Let’s be honest: Black Friday dates are pretty confusing this year. Originally scheduled for November 27 and usually preceded by Black Week, it spans a wider period this year. Each e-merchant and brands communicate about the event in their own way, but come together on activations of joint offers during dates agreed in advance: it is these that we consider to be the Black Friday offers. Also note that some merchants may postpone offers on Cyber ​​Monday week.

Throughout the period, the Frandroid team will select the best good deals available through different selections:

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The latest offers live on our Twitter account #FrandroidBonsPlans

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Also follow the event with a special selection at Numerama.

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