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the best products to keep in touch are on promotion

Darty offers you to prepare for Christmas in advance with promotions on Facebook Portal products. These connected screens are perfect for keeping in touch despite the distance.

With such a special year 2020, it is not surprising that the means of communication making it possible to maintain long-distance relationships have exploded. To use them, we can be content with devices that we already have – such as a smartphone or a computer – or invest in a product for which this is the main purpose. This is the case, for example, with Facebook Portal products, which are perfectly suited to keeping in touch with loved ones. Just before the Christmas holidays, the entire Portal range is on sale at Darty.

What do Facebook Portal products allow?

All the Portal products that we present in this article have one thing in common: they have a camera and a screen, allowing them to make video calls with a WhatsApp account or a Messenger account. The picture and recording are of good quality, as is the sound from the built-in speakers.

Portal products also benefit from the integration of Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Thanks to it, you can control your Portal product by voice. This integration also offers additional features, such as the ability to watch series with Prime Video or to control your connected objects. The built-in browser also makes it possible to watch videos on YouTube, watch TV, go to Netflix, etc. Finally, Portal products have their own application store, which allows you to download Spotify for example.

The Facebook Portal + (15.6 inches) at 249 euros

Portal + is the most generous product in the range. Indeed, it has a large 15.6-inch rotating touch screen. That is, you can use it in portrait or landscape mode, depending on what you use it for. The webcam for its part benefits from a resolution of 12.5 megapixels, and allows you to make good quality video calls. During these calls, the camera will follow your movements so that you are always in the center of the image. If a second person arrives, the camera’s 140-degree field of view allows for a wider shot. Finally, the microphone and the camera can be physically deactivated in order to guarantee confidentiality.

Usually sold at 299 euros, the Facebook Portal + is offered at 249 euros, in white or in black. A nice discount, for a versatile and practical everyday device.

The 10-inch Facebook Portal at 149 euros

The 10-inch Facebook Portal retains almost all of the functionality of its big brother, but in a more compact form. Here, the touchscreen measures only 10 inches and takes on the appearance of a digital photo frame. This allows the Facebook Portal to be installed more easily and discreetly. However, it loses its rotary axis. The camera here offers a definition of 13 megapixels, but with a field of vision slightly reduced to 114 degrees. This remains however equivalent to the ultra wide angle of our smartphones. The speakers are also a little less powerful, but they are still sufficient to provide sound in a small room.

Usually offered at 199 euros, the 10-inch Facebook Portal is currently on sale for 149 euros, available in white or in black.

The 8 inch version is also on sale, for a final price of 79 euros. Here too, it is available in white and in black. It is a very affordable price to try the service without breaking the bank.

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