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The best photo editing apps for Android and iOS smartphones

With all the photos we take with our smartphone, it is convenient to edit them from our pocket computer. So we have selected the best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android.

Photo editing application

The best photo editing apps // Gamesdone: Frandroid

There are many applications on the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iPhone and iPad) that allow you to enhance the photos taken with your smartphone. Adjust the brightness and contrast here, flick a magic wand to erase an annoying passerby there and you’ve got a perfect shot to share on Instagram or show off to your friends. We have selected the best of them for you.

Google Photos: the basics

We no longer present Google Photos which is mainly used to store your images in the cloud to find them on multiple devices with your Google account. However, we must mention the interesting editing functions of this application.

Perfect for beginners in the field, Google Photos offers a large number of easy-to-use tools to help you get started. peps to your shots, crop, adjust brightness, contrast, blur … You also have a nice catalog of filters to discover.

Above all, Google’s algorithms are very efficient, the application immediately offers automatic retouching so that you improve your image with just one click. Efficient and fast.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Snapseed: the essential

Dating back to 2012 (already), the Snapseed app has been updated many times, after being integrated for a long time into Google+ (RIP). The tool is now one of the essentials for any self-respecting mobile photographer, since it offers many very easy-to-use options.

It is full of sharp settings, but also automatic retouching, allows you to crop the shots, flip them, add brush effects on small areas of an image and play with many filters.

Small bonus that is more and more interesting, since high-end smartphones are more and more often compatible with this format: the management of RAW (DNG) is part of the game. And this is not nothing, especially as the modification parameters of a snapshot can be saved to be applied to another image. Snapseed also makes it easy to add stylized text to photos. For us, it’s a crush.



Adobe Lightroom: the mastodonte

Unsurprisingly, the well-known Adobe also offers its mobile services with Lightroom, well-known on PC by photographers, amateurs and professionals alike. The free tool allows you to retouch photographs through predefined parameters or much finer adjustments.

Compared to Snapseed, Lightroom allows in particular a finer adjustment of the colorimetric toning of your photographs, for example allowing to perfectly copy the Teal & Orange style which was very popular in 2019 on Instagram.

The software is obviously aimed at premium smartphone users, since Lightroom takes its full interest when used to edit photos in RAW format. And besides, the application allows to shooter directly in RAW without going through another application, with a professional mode available to play with many settings.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

In the Adobe suite, you can also turn to Photoshop Express.

TouchRetouch: simplicity above all

We will also mention the excellent TouchRetouch for easily removing items ” unwanted »Of your photos (a passer-by on your beautiful landscape, dirt lying around on the table where your beautiful plate is located…).

Like other more general software, TouchRetouch uses artificial intelligence to fill the void in an area that you have defined and thus erase an unwanted element. The result is sometimes hazardous, but generally allows, after a few attempts, to obtain a rather natural rendering.



PicsArt: collage and effects

PicsArt moves away a little from the subject of photo retouching itself and instead approaches that of the layout, collages and effects that can enhance the shot before it is shared on social networks. This free application is easy to use and allows you to test many effects, stickers, filters, or frames.

You will be able to arrange your favorite photos in style and create a stunningpatchworkmemory on a specific theme.

PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt Photo Editor

Prisma: the artistic

With Prisma you can transform each of your photos into a work of art inspired by paintings by the greatest masters. The application offers more than 300 filters based on paintings by Munch, Picasso, Hokusai or Mondrian …

The application automatically manages image processing and with one click your photos become unrecognizable and almost worthy of being exhibited in a gallery in the Louvre.



To apply the same kind of effects on videos, there is also the Artisto app.

VSCO: the vintage

For its part, VSCO is a very successful vintage retouching application. It allows you to apply several filters inspired by old professional cameras, but also to add effects like image noise to give a film aspect to your shots.

VSCO is a clean and efficient tool that allows quality rendering. You can also share your images within the app with a community of photographers. Guaranteed retro effect.



You can also find our advice to optimize the format of your images on Instagram and avoid too brutal compression of the social network. Besides, also don’t hesitate to check out our selection of the best video editing apps.

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