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the best of OLED and QLED would arrive in 2022

After months of latent conflict, the subsidiaries Samsung Display and Visual Display of Samsung Electronics have finally granted their violins, heralding a possible start of marketing next year for QD-OLED televisions.

The 110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV screen

QD-OLED technology could finally make its way to our shows in 2022. Here the 110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV screen, for illustration // Gamesdone: Samsung

Strong demand for LCD TVs due to the Covid-19 pandemic appears to have prompted Samsung Display and Visual Display to finally strike a deal to market the first QD-OLED TVs, which are supposed to combine the best of two worlds by adding box filters. quantum (the famous “Quantum Dots” of QLED screens) to OLED panels.

We learn indeed from the Korean media ETNews that the two parties would have agreed to launch this new display technology in 2022. It would then complement the LCD, QLED, Mini LED or even Micro LED technologies already offered to different degrees in the Samsung TV ranges.

A QD-OLED television soon on your TV cabinet?

The information from ETNews comes at the right time to contradict a rumor which suggested at the end of last year that Samsung had finally decided to abandon its QD-OLED technology following the disagreements reported between Samsung Display (in charge of the production of the panels ) and Visual Display (responsible for the manufacture of televisions).

As Cnet summarizes, the two subsidiaries of Samsung Electronics were in conflict over the approach to adopt in terms of display technology. For Samsung Display, the idea was to stop the production of LCD panels in order to devote the production lines thus freed up to the manufacture of QD-OLED panels by 2025. A strategy that Visual Display opposed, calling into question the unit profitability of QD-OLED televisions compared to LG’s OLED offering. Visual Display therefore refused to use QD-OLED panels in its future televisions.

The Covid-19 pandemic nevertheless allowed the two groups to find common ground: demand for LCD televisions having jumped, Samsung Display agreed to continue producing LCD panels until 2021. In exchange, Visual Display s ‘is committed to marketing QD-OLED TVs. As it stands, this marketing could now take place fairly quickly, with production expected to start in the third quarter of 2021 and launch in 2022, after a formal presentation at CES 2022.

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