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The best meditation apps for Android and iOS

Stress ? Anguished? Pissed off? It’s time to relax. For that, discover our selection of the best meditation apps on Android. Take some time for yourself and find mindfulness in sessions of just a few minutes.

Meditation apps

The best meditation apps // Gamesdone: Prasanth Inturi on Pexels

A hard day, a quarrel with a loved one, an exam that comes up… The sources of stress or nervousness are, unfortunately, diverse and varied. Meditation is there to relax us, but it is not easy to do without a guide for those who are not already adept. Fortunately, apps on Android and iOS exist to help us regain a peaceful conscience.

Here are the meditation applications to download for serenity sessions.

Meditate with Petit BamBou, the essential

Meditating with Petit BamBou is THE reference in France for meditation applications. Thanks to a pretty and very practical visual identity, soft music and relaxing voices, the application makes it easy to relax.

The Meditating with Petit BamBou service is structured around sessions of around ten minutes, but it is also possible to carry out a tailor-made meditation thanks to the Free Mediation mode where you can set the duration or even the content of the session. . Finally, we particularly appreciate the Calm crisis option which is a kind of emergency meditation session allowing you to calm down in three minutes after a peak of stress, an anxiety attack or an argument for example.

Meditate with Petit BamBou

Meditate with Petit BamBou

Insight Timer, the great alternative

Insight Timer is also a very popular service. Here, the goal is more to take advantage of the very large database of meditation sessions that is available. These are classified by themes and atmospheres: you just have to pick them according to your mood and the desired goal.

That’s not all, Insight Timer also includes a social dimension where users can share their experiences and how they were able to achieve mindfulness.

Insight Timer - Meditation

Insight Timer – Meditation

Namatata, for beginners

Meditation is an art that you master gradually. It is therefore not necessarily easy to try it when you do not have the right keys. This is where Namatata comes in. This app is really focused on learning the basics of meditation so you don’t skip steps and progress properly.

This very educational aspect for beginners does not prevent Namatata from being rich in features and from offering sessions adapted to overcome negative moral states (stress, anxiety…).

Namatata - Meditation in French

Namatata – Meditation in French

Mindfulness, interface and statistics

The Mindfulness application offers a very easy-to-use interface to display a whole bunch of statistics on each of your sessions. The service offers daily monitoring to provide you with the best possible support in your meditations.

Mindfulness - Meditation for all

Mindfulness – Meditation for all

So much for the healthy mind. What about the body? Also discover our selection of applications for playing sports at home or for being well accompanied when you go for a run.

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