Thursday, March 4

The best gaming laptops 2020

The best gaming laptops are no longer a mere shadow of their desktop siblings. The difference between the best gaming PCs and these laptops has shrunk significantly over the last couple years. They’ve become cheaper, more powerful and have the added benefit of being portable. And, they are able to give the kind of performance and feature set that will give desktop users a reason to reconsider.

With the latest AAA games requiring ever more horsepower, having a powerful machine is as necessary as ever to be able to truly experience them. Thanks to the inclusion of such top-of-the-line components like Nvidia’s new RTX 3000 GPUs or AMD Navi GPUs, the newest Intel Comet Lake processors and speedy SSDs, that’s not a concern for the best gaming laptops. You don’t need a standalone tower to take on the next-gen of gaming.

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