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The best Bluetooth speakers to take with you everywhere


Do you want to enjoy your music or do you want to without wearing headphones or earphones? Here is our selection of the best bluetooth speakers of the moment.

While it hasn’t fundamentally changed in a while, the Bluetooth speaker remains one of the most useful gadgets around. Whether it’s to enjoy music in the garden or listen to a podcast while tinkering in the garage, they are nomadic and accompany you everywhere To accompany you in the plethora of offers in this area here are our favorite Bluetooth speakers.

Bose Soundlink Mini II Special Edition : la meilleure

Marketed since 2015, the Soudlink Mini II from Bose has not aged a bit. It is still considered today as one of the benchmarks for portable Bluetooth speakers. If the rumor lent Bose the will to launch a third version, the American firm finally marketed a “special edition” at the end of 2019 with improved autonomy and a USB-C connector. What to give it a little youth.

Like its predecessor, Soundlink Mini 2 “SE” shines in many ways, starting with sound. Its particularity is to deliver particularly ample bass considering the compactness of the object. It weighs less than 700 grams and is only 18 centimeters long which allows it to slip easily into a bag or suitcase.

This table is completed by a modern design and an aluminum frame that exudes quality. You will finally enjoy an autonomy of about 12 hours on battery according to the manufacturer. However, we regret that it is not waterproof, which is quite practical in summer by the pool. The 5 control buttons on the top, however, are hidden behind plastic, which allows it to be operated with wet fingers without too much risk.

The Bose Soundlink Mini 2 “Special Edition”, however, remains relatively expensive since it will cost 160 euros approximately to get your hands on it.

In short

  • A good performance / size ratio
  • Bose sound
  • Compact and beautifully designed

Libratone Zipp Mini 2: Ultra versatile

Designed by the Danes of Libratone, the Zipp Mini 2 stands out as one of the best choices on the market. On the one hand, it adopts a neat design, which will not swear by most interiors. The fabric cover is a little messy on the outside, but it is removable and therefore easy to clean.

If it obviously works in Bluetooth, this speaker has the luxury of offering in addition Wi-Fi, mini-jack and USB connectivity. Small defect all the same, the charge is carried out via a proprietary connector. We would have preferred USB-C to minimize the number of chargers to take on a trip. That said, it is particularly enduring with 11 hours of autonomy.

Above all, the loudspeaker shines with its particularly balanced omnidirectional sound reproduction while being able to provide sound without the slightest concern in a large room. The only real weakness, sometimes uncertain availability.

In short

  • Jolie
  • Powerful and balanced sound
  • Top connectivity

UE Wonderboom 2: good value for money

Ultimate Ears marketed in 2019 the second version of its famous Wooderboom speaker, logically called Wooderboom 2. This second edition takes again design in roundness, compactness and especially waterproofness (and a fortiori resistance to dust and sand), strongly appreciable if you want to take it on vacation.

This third edition is improving on two main points: first on the autonomy with 13 hours announced now, then on the audio part with an “outdoor boost” mode which increases the volume and accentuates the mids. It is quite dispensable insofar as the volume is already very respectable and that it also unbalances the general sound rendering. We also regret the presence of a microUSB port on the back and not USB C, this would have already been good when it was marketed in 2019, and even more so in 2020.

Remember, however, that the IP67 certification is only valid when the connector cover is closed, but in theory you can use it in water, especially as it floats. Be aware, however, that it is not really recommended to do this, and that it only applies to fresh water. Still, the Wonderboom 2 is an excellent compromise available less than 80 euros.

In short

  • A compact speaker
  • But powerful
  • And above all waterproof

The best budget speaker: Anker Soundcore 2

If you’re on a tight budget, Anker’s Soundcore 2 should do the essentials. This small speaker will not produce an extraordinary sound, but will prove sufficient for a small atmosphere “chill” by the pool or at the beach. Its main merit is indeed to be IPx7 certified, so it will easily withstand splashing. This is what gives it its charm.

The rest is quite simple, even simplistic. There are control buttons on the top, Bluetooth 4.2 for a total power of 12 Watts with two 6 W speakers. If you prefer wires, also know that it has a jack input. The set is also quite compact and light since it weighs just over 350 grams.

The Soundcore 2 finally has the merit of offering good battery life with 24 hours of operation announced, a little less in practice, especially if you tend to increase the volume. Charging is done via microUSB, but only the cable is delivered, not the charger. You will therefore have to use the one on your smartphone. Count around 40 euros, and if you are looking for other inexpensive speakers, you can also check out our selection of the best speakers under $ 50.

In short

  • Compact and Autonomous
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable

JBL GO 2 : le mini format

In the same price bracket, you’ll also find the JBL GO 2, a speaker that emphasizes compactness at the expense of audio quality. A booster speaker that will be practical for troubleshooting during the holidays or your bathroom since it is waterproof, but you should not expect it on the audio quality. It will be necessary to pay a little less than 35 euros to get your hands on it.

In short

  • It’s a mini format
  • IPx7 certified

For further

What is the typical use for a laptop?

While you can obviously use your portable speaker as a main speaker at home, portable speakers are above all… portable. They are primarily intended to be taken on vacation, moved near the pool or to have some music in the shower. For the home, sedentary models will generally offer better sound for a similar price.

What are the important criteria for a portable speaker?

Depending on your needs, you will have to give more or less importance to various points. By nature, the most important element is obviously the audio quality, however, the preponderance of this criterion is variable. As an extra speaker, especially intended to accompany you on vacation or in your bathroom, it is perhaps not necessary to invest in a material particularly gifted on the audio, but rather to s’ interested in size, autonomy or water resistance.

My speaker is waterproof, can I use it in water?

While some brands ensure that their enclosures can be used in water, it is always recommended to avoid deliberate immersion. The idea of ​​having your sound floating in the pool is exciting, but it puts your toy in unnecessary risk. Better to think of this as protection against accidents. Note that waterproofing usually takes with it resistance to dust and therefore sand. Convenient for the beach.


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