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The best apps for exercising at home

Want to get back to sport? Several mobile applications for iPhone and Android smartphones can help and accompany you to achieve this noble goal without even leaving your home! Here is a selection.

Right now, you might have a lot of time to kill at home and a lot of energy to expend. There are many ways to respond to these two issues, such as getting out of the groundsheet and getting back to sport for example. And no need to leave the house, go to a club or hire a private coach… You can use one of the applications we recommend here.

Perfect for the sportsman or the Sunday sportswoman who slumbers in all of us.

The best sports apps in 2020

On the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, there are indeed more and more home sports apps that will help you keep fit and allow you to monitor your performance closely while motivating you. . If these kinds of exercises aren’t enough for you, also take a look at our guide to the best apps to go with you when you go for a run.

If not, you’ve come to the right place to discover our pick of the best sports apps:

Nike Training Club: the benchmark

The first sports solution that we could mention is undoubtedly Nike Training Club, a very good quality fitness platform. It must be said that Nike has nothing more to prove in the field? The Nike Training Club sports app offers over 100 programs. And each exercise is certified by professional coaches.

Whether you are an advanced athlete or a brand new convert to fitness, Nike Training Club can offer you exercises adapted to your level and the exercise recommendations also adapt to your profile. Activities range from strengthening targeted parts of the body to more intensive boxing, yoga or endurance oriented workouts.

By opting for the sporting events that suit you the most, with or without equipment, timed or not, from 15 to 45 minutes, you will be able to benefit from a fitness program adapted to your needs. Big bonus: Nike Training Club is a sports app compatible with Chromecast to view the video exercises on your TV.

Nike Training Club - Workouts and Fitness

Nike Training Club – Workouts and Fitness

Freeletics: heal the body and the agenda

In the same genre, we find Freeletics, a sports app whose primary obsession, in addition to your fitness, is not to disrupt your schedule. Because after all, a lack of time is often the first excuse given for not exercising, even for those who telecommute. You can then start sessions of only 5 minutes on the busiest days or indulge in them for 30 minutes.

Work out at home or outdoors, whether it’s just to stay in shape, build muscle, or outright lose weight. You won’t need almost anything to do these exercises, except maybe a pull-up bar. These movements can also be performed in small spaces; ideal for a small apartment. Very well done, the sports application offers a lot of free content (simple activities or complete programs), and demonstration videos are available for each exercise for a coach to show you how to do it.



30 Days Fitness Challenge and 7 Minutes Workout: the daily challenge

We also advise you to look on the side of 30 Days Fitness Challenge or from 7 minutes Workout. The two share very similar interfaces with animated diagrams showing you the right movements to do, equally instructional videos and different programs depending on what you want to do: train the whole body or focus the effort on a specific part. .

As the name suggests, 30 Days Fitness Challenge will challenge you to do all the recommended sports exercises for a full month, while 7 Minute Workout promises to take you just 7 minutes a day for intensive, but not time-consuming exercise. In both cases, the difficulty rises crescendo over the sessions. Sport is also about facing these kinds of challenges.

30 Days Fitness Challenge

30 Days Fitness Challenge

7 Minutes Workout

7 Minutes Workout

Fitness & Bodybuilding: biceps deep down

Fitness & Bodybuilding, like all the other sports apps in this guide, offers complete programs to get back in shape. It differentiates itself by going a little further and offering support in muscle development.

The idea of ​​this application is to guide you step by step, like a coach, in the ” sculpture Of your body. Super well-designed abs, developed arms … You will sometimes need special equipment – dumbbells for example – for your exercise, but you will benefit from clear instructions and invaluable help so as not to put your body in danger. Playing sports is good, playing sports without hurting yourself is much better.

Fitness & Bodybuilding

Fitness & Bodybuilding

Go with an accessory

To better monitor your progress during your sports sessions, turn to dedicated sports accessories, such as atrackeractivity. They will allow you to follow the evolution of your heart rate, but also to follow your activity closely, from the simple daily walk during your trip to work or your other more intense exercises. Note that a connected watch also offers similar features.

You are now properly prepared for your connected sports sessions.

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