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the best Android and iOS apps to motivate you

Do you want to stop smoking ? We’ve picked out the best apps to help you say “no” to smoking.

« Tobacco is taboo, we will all come to terms with it! It is obvious that quitting smoking can only bring you benefits. But if the decision is easy to make, not relapsing is another story. To help you, there are apps on Android and iPhone. Here is a small selection made by us.

Tabac Info Service: government application

  • Free
  • Customizing your profile
  • Adapted follow-up

We are starting this selection with Tabac Info Service, quite simply because it is the application created by the government to help the French to quit smoking. It has several advantages, the most obvious of which is that it is free. The content of the application is rather classic, with a daily log showing the benefits of quitting smoking and the money saved.

You can personalize your profile by specifying whether you have already managed to quit smoking for a week, if you have an illness or if those around you smoke too. Depending on this, the application offers adapted monitoring, but also exercises and help from tobacco specialists. A good app to motivate yourself to quit.

Tobacco service info, the app

Tobacco service info, the app

Flamy: the best on Android

  • Simple and fun interface
  • Thoughtful mini games

Available only on Android, Flamy is arguably the most complete and fun stop smoking app. Its interface is both sober and filled with small animations that make the whole very lively. If not, she offers the usual ones, namely health or financial goals based on the number of cigarettes smoked daily before quitting.

It also offers plenty of new features such as mini games to occupy the hands and overcome the need, motivation cards, or even a betting system with friends (who can challenge you to quit for x days. ). Some of these features are blocked from basic, but can be unlocked for 8 euros (one purchase in-appunique). It is also possible to pay by the week (0.99 euros), or by function to be unlocked (from 0.59 to 2.49 euros per function).

Flamy - Stop smoking

Flamy – Stop smoking

QuitNow: simplicity and community

  • Ease of use
  • Social aspect with the community tab

QuitNow is one of the easiest apps to quit smoking. When you launch the application, it asks you when you stopped your last cigarette, how many cigarettes you smoked each day and how much your pack costs. You will then have in the application the number of cigarettes you have avoided, the money saved and the ” time recovered», Corresponding to your life expectancy. No account to create, or tedious step to complete.

Several goals to achieve are there to help you move forward. 5 non-smoked cigarettes, 1 day without smoking, 10 euros saved, etc. A good way to motivate yourself to quit. And if you’re about to crack, you can turn to the community tab (after registration) to chat with other smokers who are quitting.

QuitNow!  Stop smoking

QuitNow! Stop smoking

Kwit: the playful side

  • Account creation required
  • Joli design
  • Some features are chargeable

Kwit is one of the reference applications when it comes to quitting smoking, but it necessarily requires creating an account (creation in the application or via Facebook). With its playful side, its pretty design and its many levels to reach, it allows you to always keep an eye on the money saved by having quit smoking or the number of non-smoked packages. Only downside: some features require you to take out a premium subscription at 8 euros per month. It’s still cheaper than 2 packs of cigarettes, but it’s a bit of a shame for information like “life expectancy gained” displayed for free on other apps.

Kwit - The new way to quit smoking

Kwit – The new way to quit smoking

Smoke Free: comprehensive and scientific

  • Readable and complete
  • Free with paid options
  • Scientifically proven techniques

The Smoke Free application has several advantages: its interface is intended to be clear, simple and readable, and above all packed with information that will help you better understand the scope of your mission: that of quitting smoking. Note that an account linked to your email, Facebook or Google address must first be created. The application will then ask you how much your usually purchased pack of cigarettes costs, the quantity of cigarettes contained, your frequency, how long do you start to smoke your first cigarette after you wake up, and when you quit.

From this information, the mobile software displays a complete dashboard: your time spent smoke-free via atimer, the money saved (per day, week, month and year) which updates automatically, improvements related to your health (taste and smell, breathing, stained teeth, pulse rate, to name a few), and the life time saved. Achievements can also be unlocked, while activities are offered to help occupy your mind. Finally, the paid section (5.99 euros) promises you 20 techniques validated by science to get rid of your addiction.

Smoke Free - Stop Smoking

Smoke Free – Stop Smoking

Smoke Watchers: the social network

  • Free and very easy to use
  • Social dimension
  • Discussions with experts and former smokers

Smoke Watchers stands out as a relatively different alternative to the applications presented above. Here, you will be dealing with a social network made up of classic users looking to quit smoking, but also experts and former smokers ready to provide advice and discuss their experiences. Each person is a “Watcher”, who can post, comment and discuss with another user on a dedicated news feed or in a private message.

The application is very easy to use and consists of four categories (Evolution, Watchers, Messages and Profile). On one of them, you can set daily goals and access an evolutionary curve. However, you will not find any information or data on the number of euros saved, the number of smoked cigarettes and the improvements related to your health.

Smoke Watchers - Support Network

Smoke Watchers – Support Network

To take care of yourself, also think about putting yourself in sport or jogging!

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