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The best alternatives to Google Photos: our selection


Google is changing the rules of Google Photos: you can no longer save your photos unlimited for free from June 1, 2021. After getting us hooked, you will therefore have to pay or change the creamery. That’s good, here is a complete file to help you get over the course.

Google is ending its unlimited storage offer for your photos from June 1, 2021. If Google has decided to end this offer, it is because it is costing it too much. With 1 billion subscribers, 28 billion photos are saved every week in Google Photos.

Do not panic, your photos and videos saved in high quality before June 1, 2021 will not be deducted from your Google Account storage. So this only concerns new photos. If you have photos to save by then, go for it!

Buy a Google Pixel or pay for Google Photos

First, be aware that the free Google account offers 15 GB of storage. It is certainly enough to take a few months before finding an alternative that suits you.

If you have a Pixel 5 or lower, nothing changes to your benefits. You will continue to benefit from free and unlimited storage space. However, photos and videos saved in high quality from other devices after June 1, 2021 will be deducted from your Google Account storage space. So remember to check the High quality option in the Google Photos application (Google Photos> Settings> Backup and synchronization> High quality).

If you are going to change your device and you like Google Photos, then you can choose a Pixel. Between the Pixel 4A 5G, Pixel A4, Pixel 4 and the Pixel 5, there is a choice on quality devices.

You can also choose to pay for Google Photos, several plans are available in the Google One offer. Prices start at 1.99 euros per month for 100 GB up to 149.99 euros per month up to 30 TB. This storage can also be used in Gmail or Drive to store the files you want.

StoragePrice per monthPrice per year
100 Go1,99 euros19,99 euros
200 Go2,99 euros29,99 euros
2 To9,99 euros99,99 euros
10 To49,99 euros
20 To99,99 euros
30 To149,99 euros

We can understand that you decide to keep Google Photos. Google’s service is very comprehensive, especially with its advanced search features thanks to its image recognition algorithms. There are also many options for editing your photos and videos. We describe this to you in a dedicated tutorial.

NAS or hard drives

This is the most expensive solution, but it ensures that your data is physically stored at home. The NAS option is the most secure, your data can be backed up multiple times depending on your device configuration. Synology, QNAP, Asustor… the choice is wide.

You can also turn an old PC or Raspberry Pi 4 into a NAS. There are even specialized OS, open source (FreeNAS, OpenMediaVault, etc.) or from manufacturers. There are plenty of solutions, like Piwigo or digiKam, which offer alternatives to Google Photos. The downside of these solutions: they require some computer knowledge. If you do not update them, for example, you risk missing security holes …

Piwigo is an open-source Google Photos to install yourself, at your own risk.

Piwigo is an open-source Google Photos to install yourself, at your own risk.

You can also opt for SSD and HDD option. Unfortunately, these external storages have one major flaw: they are fragile and you will not necessarily have redundancy in your data. If you have damaged your HDD, you risk losing everything. In our opinion, it is a good backup solution…. but complementary to another more reliable system. In any case, you will find our buying guide dedicated to SSDs and HDDs here.

Amazon Prime Photos and other services

Amazon Photos

If you are a Prime subscriber, Amazon Photos is the best alternative because you have unlimited storage. Amazon Photos backs up your photos in the same way as Google Photos, you can choose which folders you want to include, in the quality you want, and more.

The Prime subscription includes many options, such as access to Prime Video, Prime Music or even Prime Gaming. Not to mention access to flash sales and fast delivery. We remind you, Amazon prime is available at 49 euros per year or at 5.99 euros per month. New customers can also benefit from a free trial month.

For students, the subscription is 24 euros per year with a trial period of 90 days.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft can be an interesting alternative, especially if you use the other services of the Redmond firm. Free, you have 5 GB of storage for new accounts, or 2 euros per month for 100 GB.

In our opinion, the most interesting offer is Office 365. The “Personal” offer costs 69 euros per year, it gives access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint software, whatever your system, as well as to 1 TB of storage on OneDrive. If you are at least 2 people in your household, the Family offer costs only 99 euros and offers what is in the Personal offer for… 6 people! You then have up to 6 TB of online storage, or 1 TB per person.

Dropbox, KDrive, pCloud, Flickr ou encore Apple iCloud

There is no shortage of alternatives to Google Photos, there is a large selection available. However, none offers a service as complete as Google Photos.

Dropbox, for example, allows you to have 2 TB of storage for around 10 euros per month. However, you must clearly identify your needs. Dropbox does not offer advanced search solutions to find and organize your memories. If you opt for Apple iCloud, for example, be aware that the ecosystem is very closed and that you will have difficulty backing up your photos from a PC or an Android smartphone. Less well known, KDrive, is managed by the Swiss host Infomaniak.

How to export and backup your photos from Google Photos?

Now that you have your future solution, it’s time to go to recover and backup your photos from Google Photos. Google offers a named service Takeout which will simplify all that. To go a little faster, do not hesitate to first click “Deselect all” then check the Google Photos section in the list that appears on the screen.

Then, you have to click on “Next step” at the bottom, configure certain details (file size, sending method, etc.). Finally, all you have to do is start the export.

It will take a while if you back up several thousand photos, it may take several days for Google to create the data archives in ZIP format. Arm yourself with patience and a good connection.


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