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the best alarms to wake up well

If you are fed up with your classic alarm clock that plays three different songs every two minutes, you can always turn to more original alternatives that may meet your expectations better. Here is our selection of alarm clock apps to know.

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Gamesdone : Sztrapacska74 via Pixabay

It is a must on every smartphone: an alarm clock is natively installed, and is often found in the Clock application. This function brings everything that is most classic to wake you from your sleep … sometimes with difficulty. Fortunately, a plethora of alarm clock apps are available on stores: here is a selection.

AMdroid AlarmClock, the simple and complete alarm clock application

AMdroid AlarmClock is one of the classics. This application does not revolutionize the genre, but is both comprehensive and easy to use. You have the possibility to download or add holidays during which no alarm will sound, but also to track your sleep time and to add and manage multiple profiles. A light, dark and night mode are even available.

Alarmy, to force you to wake up

Alarmy is not an ordinary alarm clock app. Very popular on the stores, this application forces you to perform certain tasks when your alarm clock starts ringing. You will have to complete the requested task at all costs, such as a little math problem, to stop the ringing. Note also an easy-to-use interface to refine the user experience. You can read our Getting Started to learn more about this service.

Alarm clock (Timy Alarm Clock), for a cute alarm clock

Alarm Clock (Timy Alarm Clock) is quite a fun application. Choose your avatar (rocket, crocodile, shark, chick, fox, rabbit), set a difficulty (easy, intermediate, hard), days and sound volume. When the alarm sounds, a little game needs to be solved to turn off the alarm clock. For the rocket avatar, for example, it is necessary to land the spacecraft very gently so that it does not crash. Contains some advertisements.

Shake-it alarm clock, for a (very) invigorating wake-up call

For those who like to wake up gently, go your way. Alarm clock Shake-it is not delicately with alarms, to say the least… atypical. As the name suggests, the application offers you to shake the phone tonically to fill a gauge and silence the alarm. Shouting for at least ten seconds is also an option. Be careful with your ears if you are a couple, roommate or with your parents.

Rest assured: just touching your screen can also be enough. Finally, two tabs take you to Weather and Google News. Clear and uncluttered interface. Contains some advertisements.

Sleep Cycle, to wake up during a light cycle

Sleep Cycle prides itself on being able to wake you up at the most convenient time, namely during a phase of light sleep. To do this, the app accesses your phone’s microphone to analyze your movements (ignores snoring and fan noise) and wake you up within 10, 25, 20, 30 or 45 minutes before the ringing tone. Soothing sounds are available to help fall asleep. Nice interface, some features are chargeable.

Mornify, to wake up to your favorite music

What could be better than to emerge with your favorite music in your ears? This is exactly what Mornify offers, which gives you access to a large library of songs that you can then configure with a particular alarm clock. Moods, Moods, Top songs, Top albums and Top artists categories help you choose. A search tab is even available to narrow down your choice.

Early Bird Alarm Clock, the practical alarm clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock is appreciated for its multiple advantages: the application is very complete and can be configured with colorful themes that will match your tastes. Especially when the alarm goes off, the interface displays the weather, temperature, time and your agenda for the day. The time is even indicated aloud.

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