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the augmented reality display is displayed on the windshield

Volkswagen wants to make its ID.3 and ID.4 real technological cocoons, in particular by integrating a head-up display in augmented reality.

Today, Volkswagen’s electric strategy revolves mainly around its ID. Range, already made up of the ID.3 (tested by the editorial staff) which will soon be joined by the compact SUV ID.4. By 2023, a large sedan with a range of 700 kilometers could even join the party.

And for the first two vehicles mentioned above, Volkswagen has chosen to strengthen their technological paraphernalia articulated around a head-up display in augmented reality. In concrete terms, this system projects information into the driver’s line of sight by being displayed directly on the car’s windshield.

Short and long range vision

For the two connected Volkswagen, the system is divided into two levels: a “large window for dynamic displays is located in the driver’s field of vision at a virtual distance of approximately 10 meters and has a diagonal of approximately 1.8 meters», Specifies the official press release.

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This diffuse window “information from assistance systems, navigation arrows, as well as the starting and ending points of the navigation system», We can read. Just below, the items projected onto the close-range window are located at the base of the windshield.

Available on from launch on ID.4 1st Max

This plan exposes “driving speed, road signs and assistance and navigation symbols in the form of static displaysWhich appear to float about three meters in front of the driver. A good way for him to stay focused on the road while accessing basic, but essential information.

According to the German firm, this feature will be available on the ID.4 1st Max as soon as it is launched in France. However, we will have to wait for the update of ID.Software 2.1, expected in the first quarter of 2021, to take advantage of it on the ID.3 1st Max and ID.4 Tech.

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