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The Apple Watch Series 3 4G is 160 euros less at RED

Once again, the Apple Watch in its Series 3 version is the most accessible connected watch of the brand. It must be said that RED now offers it below the 200 euros mark thanks to an ODR.

While the Series 6 demonstrates all of Apple’s smartwatch know-how, the Apple Watch Series 3 continues to position itself as the most affordable smartwatch from the Apple brand. Indeed, usually sold 359 euros, it displays a price under 200 euros thanks to an ODR from RED.

In short

  • Apple design and build quality;
  • Numerous features and apps;
  • Perfect integration with iPhone.

RED is launching an ODR of 50 euros on the Apple Watch Series 3, in addition to an immediate reduction of 110 euros. This means that its price drops to 199 euros against 359 euros.

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The Apple Watch Series 3 uses the square design of its predecessors, with curved angles and edges. As always, the build quality is there. A beautiful connected watch, which looks like a “tech jewel”, which will appeal to all iPhone users.

Its OLED screen is superbly calibrated and offers excellent rendering and vivid colors. The readability is perfect which makes it pleasant to use on a daily basis. And there is no shortage of customization options. For example, it has many dial models, with some exclusive to Apple such as Mickey Mouse or Toy Story.

The Apple Watch is a good intermediary between you and your mobile slipped in your pocket or in a bag. You can answer calls, SMS, track your physical activity or your Instagram feed without having to unsheath your smartphone. What’s more, it has a 279 mAh battery which allows it to have a good day with this type of use. On the other hand, a strong request will push you to recharge it in the early evening.

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The Apple Watch Series 3 is just one of the smartwatches available on the market. To find the most interesting models, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best connected watches in 2021.

2021 sales: all you need to know

Dates: when does the 2021 Winter Sales take place?

The Winter Sales 2021 have been postponed to Wednesday January 20, 2021 at 8 a.m. until Tuesday February 16. As every year, e-merchants will offer several markdowns that will take place every week on Wednesday.

Sales: how to be informed of new offers?

Frandroid will carry special coverage of the Tech Sales throughout the event period. We only and independently select the best deals from the Winter Sales as soon as they become available, presenting you in all transparency what made our choice.

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