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the app to redo your keys safely without leaving your sofa

Redoing your keys is often a breeze for many, above all because you have to take the time to go to the store, without the guarantee that the result will be optimal. SecurClés had the idea of ​​an app that allows you to do everything from home, safely and reliably.

Take a picture of your key and redo it in a few clicks

Take a picture of your key and redo it in a few clicks // Gamesdone: SecurKeys

In 2019, some 33 million key duplicates were made. But how many keys are still waiting for their owners to take their courage in both hands to go to the Clé Minute nearby or to a locksmith to be redone? While today everything is going digital, the sector is still resisting and did not have an online solution. This is the observation made by the company SecurKeys, previously specialized in assistance with loss of keys or door slammed in 1 hour.

« We know that the French on average remake keys every two years, whether for growing children, a cleaning lady or other », Explains Pascal Métivier, founder and president of SecurKeys to Frandroid. “But, despite the 8,000 points of sale in France, many do not. And the reasons are often the same: the displacement, the prices too diverse, duplicates sometimes badly made. “

Easy, attractive, fast and secure

So, by dint of having to redo keys for his help service, he had the very simple idea of ​​an application that would allow a user to redo his keys from home, whenever he wants, with fixed prices. and competitive, but above all real security. Thus was born SecurClés. “Replicating a key in an instant in a store is not very secure. There is no guarantee that a malicious person will not misuse it, although it is known to be very rare.», Emphasizes Pascal Métivier. “In the digital age, we said to ourselves that it was possible to do better, faster and more securely for everyone. “

In a country with more than 15,000 different key models, from basic keys to high security keys with authentication card, it was necessary to be able to cover the whole range of possibilities, with the desire for attractive prices and a achievement that takes place safely from start to finish. Because the user will send a photo of the model of his key, his address and his bank details. But the whole process is extremely simple, fluid and transparent.

And you will be able to redo your keys of all kinds (house, garage, letterbox, padlock, etc.), but also your parking badges, VIGIK building … With the promise that, if they do not work, you will be reimbursed. To ensure its back, SecurClés calls on the largest certified key manufacturing factories, or even the original manufacturers for certain patented keys or with numbers. Because they are in fact the “originals” of your keys that will be remade identically rather than duplicates cut in the metal, as is usually done in stores.

The “Shazam of the Key”

After downloading the application, take a picture of your key or badge placed on a white sheet, one after the other. The photos will then be sent to the system and go through VITT (Visual Identification & Translation Technology), a sort of “Shazam of the key “which will identify your model, its manufacturer and even its cut. You can make several keys in the same order.

The photos are then sent to the factory of the manufacturer or a certified manufacturer who will determine a price and a delivery time. The idea here is to get the original data of your key or badge to remake originals using digital elements and not copies, as is the case in store. “We want to avoid the problems of distortion and approximation that can occur if your key is not well made or if the original was worn. This sometimes leads to problems with a duplicate key which “jams” in the lock or even does not open the door.», Adds Pascal Métivier, whose company promises 99.6% of perfectly executed keys. And if you are in the remaining 0.4%, you are reimbursed. “A real guarantee of performance and reliability“, He assures.

For very high security keys, the app may ask you to take a photo of the authentication certificate that accompanies it to justify that you are the owner and to ensure that you find the correct original. If your key is a little too old and original, the application will redirect you to a specialized partner store, with a 20% discount to redo your key.

For badges, verification via the NFC of the smartphone makes it possible to recover the raw data to transfer them to the redone badge, without any decryption required by an intermediary. However, it is not possible to redo a badge that contains money (canteen badge, coffee machine badge, etc.).

An ultra-secure process

Once the quote has been received, the customer chooses his delivery method: at home, at another address with a trusted third party, at a DHL relay point. The payment is processed by a banking partner via a secure link. The delays are on average 48 working hours, up to eight working days for high security keys, compared to 2 to 4 weeks usually.

Objects that can be redone with SecurKey

Objects that can be redone with SecurKeys // Gamesdone: SecurKeys

The whole process is to be anonymized as much as possible for greater security. SecurClés only has your email to be able to put you in touch with the manufacturing plant in order to receive the quote and respond, but no name or phone number to guarantee your anonymity. Only the manufacturer of the key can know your address or your name for the shipment, and you are not required to communicate to them.

If you choose to have your key or badge sent to a friend, to your office or other, an authentication procedure is triggered with a judicial officer from Qualijuris. This will ask the trusted third party for a phone number for verification by SMS for validation. The verification code, the IP address for the transaction and the phone number to secure the whole are sealed in the event of a problem in order to have the fingerprint of the offender via patented technology.

Source : SecurKeys

Gamesdone : SecurKeys

To pick up your order from a DHL relay, you will not have to give your name or address. A QR Code to present will allow you to justify that you are the recipient of the package. Everything is done so that no reconciliation is made between you, your keys and your address for more security.

How much does it cost ?

For greater transparency, and to show that the company negotiates attractive prices, these are set and determined according to the type of key or badge:

  • From € 9.99 for standard keys
  • From € 29.99 for security keys with holes
  • From € 29.99 for building badges such as Vigik and others
  • From € 39.99 for high security keys (with property card)

The reproduced keys are guaranteed for 10 years.

Note that, if your key is already in stock, you will get a very quick response (less than 10 minutes). Everything being done manually by a natural person who checks the processing of the algorithm, you can send your photos at any time, but the factories will only respond to you from Monday to Saturday during office hours.

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