Tuesday, October 19

the Android version is looming for May


The arrival of the Android application of the Clubhouse social network should be done shortly.

The Android version of Clubhouse will be released during the month of May.

The Google Play Store will receive the application from the Clubhouse social network in May // Gamesdone: Unsplash / Josh Rose

With an exclusive release on the App Store, the Clubhouse application has experienced very strong growth in recent months. The arrival of very influential personalities such as Mark Zuckerbeg, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Drake and Elon Musk has greatly contributed to the popularity of the social network around the world.

However, as all good things come to an end, early adopters are slowly starting to desert the social network. Many people wonder if the app is doomed to die.

However, it could experience a new lease of life with a release soon on Android.

Mopewa has been working on the Clubhouse Android app for around six weeks now, and it’s coming on nicely

Rough release date: May https://t.co/jI63NPw2Od

— Morgan Evetts (@morqon) April 11, 2021

Clubhouse on Android, it’s for May!

Mopewa Ogundipe, the person in charge of developing the Clubhouse Android application, indeed delivers a clue in this direction. She shares a tweet containing screenshots of her biography on the Clubhouse app.

On the second image, we can notably read “sent from my Pixel”. Which translates in French as “sent from my Pixel”. This suggests that a Clubhouse release on Android is imminent. Mopewa Ogundipe’s tweet was then picked up by developer Morgan Evetts who gave an approximate release date for the app.

A screen from the Clubhouse Android application.

The developer of the Android version of Clubhouse tweeted a screen of the application. // Gamesdone: Twitter / Mopewa Ogundipe

Beware of counterfeits

It will be necessary to remain patient a few more weeks before enjoying it. Beware of fake Clubhouse apps available on the Google Play Store. They can contain malware and infect your smartphone.

The social network has more than eight million downloads. However, the Clubhouse application on iOS is in the sights of the CNIL and has recently been faced with a leak of personal data from its users in the wild.

Clubhouse is still developing new features alongside the Android version of the social network. These will initially be available on the iOS application before being implemented on the Android version as soon as it is released.


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