Monday, April 12

the amp specialist tackles the wireless headphone market

Marshall has unveiled its first pair of true wireless headphones, the Marshall Mode II.

Marshall Mode II headphones

Marshall Mode II headphones // Gamesdone: Marshall

While the manufacturer has so far only offered Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones and in-ear headphones, Marshall presented its first pair of headphones on Thursday. true wireless, completely wireless, the Marshall Mode II.

If the name of Marshall Mode II seems to designate them as the successors of Marshall Mode, launched in 2014, it is not. The previous Marshall Mode and Marshall Mode EQ headphones were indeed classic wired headphones. With its Mode II, the British manufacturer is therefore launching completely wireless headphones. It thus joins an increasingly competitive market alongside Apple, Sony, Bose, JBL or a host of smartphone manufacturers.

Regarding the audio characteristics of its headphones, Marshall has equipped them with 6mm diameter transducers. They also offer a frequency response ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. Marshall also communicates on compatibility with the SBC and aptX Bluetooth audio codecs.

In-ear headphones, but without active noise reduction

The Marshall Mode II are in-ear headphones, which are therefore housed in the ear canal. Four pairs of tips are supplied by the manufacturer to find the shoe to suit your feet – or tip to your conduit – and thus ensure good audio quality, without leakage, and suitable sound insulation. Note, however, that the Marshall Mode II does not have active noise reduction functions.

Marshall Mode II headphones

Marshall Mode II headphones // Gamesdone: Marshall

Regarding the autonomy of its headphones, Marshall announces that the Mode II itself can work for five consecutive hours, when the charging case allows a total autonomy of 25 hours. The case can also be charged by a USB-C cable or by wireless charging. While we are talking about the case, note that it is rather compact and light with 35 grams on the scale, with a coating reminiscent of that of the famous amps of the British brand.

Marshall Mode II headphone controls are tactile, with force sensing feedback. The headphones are IPX4 certified for their waterproofness and can be controlled from the smartphone using the Marshall Bluetooth application, available on iOS and Android. This will notably integrate a sound equalization system.

The Marshall Mode II will be commercially available from March 18 at a price of 179 euros. Pre-orders are open this Thursday.

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