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the absence of charger in the box confirmed by a new source

A Galaxy S21 certification document from the Brazilian telecommunications agency tends to confirm the fact that Samsung’s smartphones will come without a charger in the box, like Apple’s iPhone 12s.

The Galaxy S30

Le Galaxy S30 // Gamesdone : OnLeaks

Samsung is preparing three new high-end smartphones: the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. However, these could be marketed without charger or headphones in the box. This corridor noise has been circulating for several weeks, but a new source has given even more credit to this track.

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Indeed, as the Tecnoblog site has spotted, the three smartphones have been certified in Brazil by Anatel, the national telecommunications agency. In the document thus brought to light, two sentences particularly attract attention. We can read that “ the cell phone will not be sold with a power supply ” and ” the cellphone will not be sold with headphones ».

Certification Anatel Galaxy S21

Galaxy S21 certification with Anatel (in Portuguese) // Gamesdone: Tecnoblog

A joke that ages badly

The South Korean giant would thus follow in the footsteps of Apple, which has also removed the chargers from the boxes of its iPhone 12. The apple justified its choice by ecological reasons and by the fact that many users already have a charger to home that they can use on their new smartphones.

However, some believe that this is just a way for Apple to make more money by selling chargers separately. For its part, the American branch of Samsung had laughed at the decision of its competitor on social networks. A joke probably unwelcome if the manufacturer were to really adopt the same strategy. The publication has since been deleted.

Headphones would not disappear in France

Regarding the removal of headphones in the box of Galaxy S21, we imagine that the same ecological argument would be put forward.

In France, however, Samsung would not be allowed to do this, as these items are mandatory.

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