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The 3 best recent smartphones of February 2021 on Frandroid

To get 2021 off to a good start, Frandroid tested several smartphones during the month of January. And as we cheerfully bite into the month of February, here are the top 3 devices we’ve tried recently: the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy M51 and the Realme 7i.

The safe bet

8 /10

  • Very nice balanced screen
  • Well-made camera
  • Very solid autonomy

At Frandroid, we love to test smartphones. However, to take stock from time to time, it is good to highlight the recent devices tested and especially those which have conquered us the most. So here are the top three products that we have tested over the past month.

This makes them the best smartphones to recommend in February 2021.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra allows this year to get off to a flying start! The South Korean giant is offering a top-flight premium smartphone to show off its know-how. Admittedly, there is nothing really surprising about it, but it is very attractive from almost every angle. The excellent finishes are sublimated by a matte glass back with a pleasant touch and by a sumptuous screen enjoying an adaptive 120 Hz mode.

On the photo side, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is not only very good at this exercise, it is also very versatile with a beautiful night mode, successful portraits, a 108 megapixel mode and, above all, a rare x10 zoom. quality – the x100 zoom is funny, but more anecdotal. Autonomy, meanwhile, is at the rendezvous thanks to great progress made in energy efficiency and enabled by the Exynos 2100.

We find another Samsung product in this top 3 with the Galaxy M51 which is very interesting on the mid-range which pleases thanks to fairly simple, but very effective arguments. This smartphone combines a beautiful screen quality, good photo performance and the most serene autonomy for an overall experience to recommend.

The responsiveness of the fingerprint reader on the right edge is a nice plus.

The Realme 7i impresses in the entry-level segment with its huge 6000mAh battery which gives it remarkable endurance. Its list of qualities does not stop there, since you can also count on a screen refreshed at 90 Hz, solid performance and an effective main photo sensor.

Let us not forget either that one of the great qualities of the Realme 7i lies in its very attractive price.

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