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The 3 best recent smartphones of December 2020 on Frandroid

During the month of November, Frandroid tested several new good smartphones. But here are the top 3 to offer as we kicked off December: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and Vivo X51.

The top 3 new smartphones in December 2020

The little one

9 /10

  • Very compact size
  • All the qualities of the iPhone 12
  • Very pleasant in the hand

The innovative

8 /10

I live X51

  • Its gimbal system
  • Very good screen
  • Versatile in photo

Every month, our team tests a large number of smartphones. We therefore offer you this kind of monthly article to take stock of the best recent devices on our pool table. So here you will find the three best references reviewed in the last one. These are the three new best smartphones to recommend in December 2020.

Last month we already recommended the classic iPhone 12 to you, and since then we’ve also tested its smaller version: the iPhone 12 mini. This smartphone inherits all the qualities of its big brother, but condenses them into an extremely small size. Even smaller than the Pixel 5, that’s to say! However, behind this cute format hides a high-end device equipped with the best Apple chip, a very good camera and a neat software experience.

Without making a lot of compromises, the iPhone 12 mini is ideal for people with small hands.

We also tested the iPhone 12 Pro Max for the past month. As its slightly long name suggests, this is Apple’s most successful smartphone for the year 2020. Excellent in photos and videos – especially thanks to a LiDAR sensor – this device is also very powerful and autonomous while offering a great display quality (but without going beyond 60 Hz).

For the crème de la crème of apples, it is to this model that we must turn.

For its first smartphone officially sold in Europe, Vivo has not been idle. The Vivo X51 is an overall well-balanced smartphone that stands out above all for one of the most interesting innovations. It actually has a gimbal – a miniaturized stabilization system that allows fluid movements to be produced in video. The technology can still be improved, but it is full of promise. Good news: the phone is already receiving Android 11.

The Vivo X51 is therefore a great option for consumers curious to discover this ambitious new player in Europe.

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