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the 2 best applications to protect yourself against it

Here are the best apps to download if you are allergic to pollen. They will provide you with maps or calendar of the risks of pollen allergy, or even good practices to implement for your treatment.

Dandelion pollen

Don’t be fooled by the pollen! // Gamesdone: JACLOU-DL

Pollen allergies are particularly prevalent among the general population. In this regard, we will of course leave it to your doctor to indicate the most suitable treatments.

However, we wanted to suggest some interesting applications that will help you deal with spring and the pollen spikes that usually accompany it – especially in big cities due to fine particle pollution.

Here is our (short) selection of the best applications to download to protect the best against your allergies to pollen.

Pollen: the most complete

Pollen is the application highlighted by theEuropean Aeroallergen Network (EAN) and was developed by the Pollen Information Service of the Medical University of Vienna. It is arguably the most comprehensive app to educate users about pollen allergies.

Not only is there a sort of clock showing the risk of pollen allergy every hour with an index varying from 0 to 4, but also forecasts of the risks incurred in various European cities and a map of the continent indicating the level of exposure. The Pollen application also offers a lexicon with the different pollens indicating its flowering period, the appearance of the tree and the allergenic potential.

By creating an account, you can benefit from your own pollen diary adapted to your symptoms and with a personalized calculation of your allergy risks. Also note that from the first launch of the application, you can complete a complete questionnaire which gives you ” a first indication to know if you suffer from an allergy to pollen ».

Pollen alert: simple, sober, effective

Pollen Alert is an application that shines with its extreme simplicity. Once it has geolocated you, it displays a score out of 10 indicating the pollen rate in the air each day, along with a small comment on the level of risk. Thus, note 6/10 is underlined with the words ” high risk “. In addition, gauges allow you to have a global view of the daily distribution of different pollens in your city.

With Alert Pollen, you can set the time of your daily notification – handy so you don’t forget to take your treatment. Depending on your customizations, said notification may be triggered only when such or such types of pollen are active or only when the security level is greater than or equal to a certain threshold.

The data delivered by the application appears to be similar to the newsletters of the European Aeroallergen Network (EAN).

Even with a pollen allergy, you can have a green thumb. So feel free to check out our selection of the best gardening apps.

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