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The 128 GB microSD in Nintendo colors does not cost more than a classic microSD

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you know how storage is one of its big weak spots. SanDisk and Nintendo have therefore decided to join forces to create a series of microSD cards in the colors of the Japanese brand. The 128 GB model is currently on sale at its best price on Amazon: only 18.79 euros.

The nice design of the SanDisk Nintendo 128 GB microSD, with the famous mushroom that makes Mario fat

SanDisk is a benchmark in external storage systems. Several models dedicated to the Nintendo universe have seen the light of day, and today it is the 128 GB card in Mario’s red color that sees its price drop by more than 50%. It’s half the price and ultimately no more expensive than a classic microSD.

The characteristics of the special Nintendo microSD Sandisk

  • A capacity that quadruple the internal memory of the hybrid console
  • It is ideal for your Nintendo Switch, but also for other devices
  • Average transfer speed, up to 100MB / s read

Instead of a strikethrough price of 42.99 euros, the SanDisk 128 GB Nintendo-licensed microSD card is currently available on sale at 18.79 euros on Amazon. To compare, SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSD is sold for just pennies less.

To learn more about the SanDisk microSD 👇

Decked out in the iconic colors of the Nintendo universe, these SanDisk brand microSD cards are above all designed to be used as additional storage for the Nintendo Switch.

This way, you will be able to store more games, backups, and photo or video captures if your console’s internal memory is completely full. There is really nothing to do but simply insert the card into the dedicated slot and the console will recognize the card automatically. The card is however well usable on any compatible device such as a phone, camera or tablet.

Pay attention to transfer speeds!

However, it should be noted that the card read and write speeds of up to 100MB / s and 90MB / s respectively. If classic use such as storage or playing video or game files is recommended with this card, it is recommended possible that it is a little tight for more advanced uses such as the recording of video in 4K via a camera or a camera for example. Make sure you know the minimums required for the use of your devices before you buy it.

To compare the SanDisk microSD

To learn more about the different models available, we invite you now to consult our guide to the best microSD cards for all your devices.

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