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the 10 most practical commands for everyday use


Do not be fooled by its small size, the Nest Mini speaker from Google benefits from a large number of features accessible through voice commands. Here are 10 that will always be very useful to you.

Whether on a smartphone or a connected Nest Mini speaker, the Google Assistant can be accessed from almost anywhere. You can use it in your car, at work, or in your living room. This is also the great advantage of the Google Assistant: it is easily accessible, and automatically synchronizes with your Google account and your other connected devices. So everything you ask your Nest Mini speaker is then viewable from a smartphone or tablet. Especially since the on-board microphone is very efficient: Nest Mini can hear your “Hey Google” without you having to raise your voice, even at a good distance.

Only here, there is no detailed notice to take full advantage of the Google Assistant. The easiest way is to ask him questions or challenge him in order to explore all the possibilities. Especially since a Nest Mini speaker is able to provide real help in everyday life. To help you, we’ve selected the 10 most convenient controls for everyday use.

Nest Mini is available at a price of 59 euros on the Google site, but also at all major brands. A small price, for a device with multiple functions. Finally, for any purchase of a Nest Mini speaker, you automatically benefit from a three-month free subscription to YouTube Music Premium. What to take advantage of the integration of the music streaming service to the speaker.

Hey Google, add olive oil to my shopping list

Whether it’s for making shopping lists, reminders or event lists, the Google Assistant is a great tool. Whenever an idea crosses your mind, all you have to do is say it and the Google Assistant will take note of it: “Hey Google, add some paper towels to my shopping list”. To then find your lists or reminders, you can request them from Nest Mini with a “Hey Google, what’s on my shopping list”. You can also find them on the Assistant mobile app (available on Android and iOS), by tapping on your Google profile picture located at the top right.

Hey Google, turn off the light

As the nerve center of the connected home, Nest Mini is able to control all compatible connected objects with a simple voice command. The user can thus turn on or off the connected bulbs in their home (Philips Hue bulbs are compatible with the Google Assistant for example), increase the temperature of the heating (with the Nest Learning Thermostat, for example), or even lower the shutters. There are many possibilities.

For more convenience, some devices such as connected bulbs can be grouped. So a “Hey Google, turn off the living room” can turn off all the light bulbs in that room.

Hey Google, lance France Inter

Placed in a bathroom or kitchen, Nest Mini is the perfect speaker for listening to your favorite morning. Google Assistant relies on the TuneIn service to stream radio. In addition to French stations, you can also listen to stations from all over the world.

Hey Google, what’s the news?

Are you coming out of a long weekend during which you did not have the opportunity to follow the news? Nest Mini can keep you up to date by streaming news flashes from different sources on demand.

From the Assistant application, you can configure your own news flash from many sources.

From the Assistant application, you can configure your own news flash from many sources.

From the Assistant application, it is even possible to define your preferred source of information. The choices are numerous: franceinfo, LCI, Europe 1, RTL, etc. News flash can also be specialized in certain areas, for example with L’Équipe flash or franceinfo eco flash.

Hey Google, play my Relaxation playlist on Spotify

With a simple voice command, you can launch your favorite playlists and tracks from your favorite music streaming service. The Google Assistant takes advantage of the integration of the most popular streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Youtube Music or even Google Podcasts.

The integration of these services is also very advanced on Google connected speakers like Nest Mini. For example, you can create a multiroom system from the Google Home app, or even operate two speakers simultaneously for more powerful stereo sound. Finally, with a simple voice command, the music can be switched from one speaker to another.

Hey Google I’m going to work

To go further in using the Nest Mini speaker, the Google Assistant offers you to create routines. With a voice command that you define, several actions can be performed. For example, saying “I’m going to work” to Nest Mini can cause the lights to turn off, the heat to turn off, and still get traffic information and the day’s appointments.

The routines are configured from the Assistant application.  Some routines are already ready to use.

The routines are configured from the Assistant application. Some routines are already ready to use.

The routines are configured from the Assistant application. It is up to the user to define them so that they best correspond to the uses of each. For example, a “Hey Google, I want to watch Netflix” can activate the TV’s Chromecast and lower the light level of the bulbs. A real virtual butler.

Hey Google, remind me to take out the trash Thursday at 9 a.m.

The Google Assistant is also very good at replacing a sticky note. In fact, with a simple voice command, Nest Mini can program the reminder of your choice. This reminder can contain a subject, as well as a date and a time, but also a place so that it is triggered at the best time. A notification then occurs on Nest Mini as well as on the smartphone.

Hey Google, broadcast that the meal is ready

If you live in a large house and have multiple Nest speakers in different rooms, the Google Assistant can play whatever message you want on all of those speakers. This can be very handy for example if you need someone, or if the meal is ready. This eliminates the need to shout to get attention.

The Nest Mini has a wall mount system.

The Nest Mini has a wall mount system.

Hey Google, play me the sound of the forest

Need relaxation? The Google Assistant has a large library of soundscapes designed to relax. Thus, Nest Mini is able to broadcast the sound of a fireplace, a thunderstorm, a forest or a stream. Ideal for relaxing in your bedroom, just before going to sleep.

Hey Google, pile or face?

If you’re lucky, you can also have Nest Mini flip a coin which will then take care of responding with a random result. Other fun features are also available. For example, the Google Assistant has its own crystal ball.

Finally, several games are available with Nest Mini. The command “Hey Google, I’m lucky” launches a game of general knowledge, which you can play alone or with others.


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