Monday, March 8

The 10 countries with the most roundabouts per inhabitant

A comprehensive compilation of data from around the world collected by the website reveals which countries in the world have the highest number of roundabouts per inhabitant. And Spain is second. Oh, how many headaches roundabouts bring to residents of the world, especially first-time drivers. This element, however, is designed to adequately regulate the flow of traffic, avoid accidents and improve our road safety. They are infrastructures that link those roads that converge at the same point, especially in urban spaces. Com reveals this complete study carried out with data corresponding to last July and collects Statista in a graph, in Spain we have a high density of roundabouts: we have nothing more and nothing less than 591 per million inhabitants. Only the French neighbors surpass us, who have almost double, almost a thousand: in France there are 967 roundabouts for every million people. If we look at our country, in Madrid there is one roundabout for every 30 intersections. In other Spanish cities such as Alicante, Valencia or Seville the proportions are similar. In other European countries, such as Switzerland (341) or the Netherlands (321), the number of roundabouts drops to half. After Spain and France, the next regions with the highest density of roundabouts in relation to population are the United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium and Italy. Like it or not, you’re going to have to keep driving through these road structures. Infographic | Statista This article was published on TICbeat by Andrea Núñez-Torrón Stock.

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