Wednesday, October 21

Tesla’s Cybertruck already has custom homes

For many it is a monstrosity. But there is something about Tesla’s Cybertruck that inspires. Perhaps, it does not look like any other vehicle. Or maybe, as some architects say, because it is created by designers, and not engineers. Tesla’s cybertruck. Love it or hate it, there is no middle ground. Tesla surprised everyone when he announced it, both because it was his first van (that’s what he calls it on its official Spanish website), and because of its post-apocalyptic design. It may not be popular with everyone, but it is curiously enthusiastic about Russian architects, who have set out to design houses that fit the Cybertruck style. You can see the first in the opening photo of the news. It is a spectacular metal house designed by the Moscow architectural studio Alex Nerovnya. The most original thing is, without a doubt, the curious garage (more like a parking space) where the Tesla Cybertruck fits perfectly, as if it were a piece of a puzzle. You can also see her on her Instagram account. Another Russian architectural firm, Modern House, has designed what it calls the CyberHouse, a house matching the CyberTruck design, prepared to survive a zombie apocalypse: The house has several levels, and the Cybetruck is parked underground thanks to an elevator that takes it to the bowels of the earth, safe from the rotten bodies of the zombies, which is not a question of staining the body of the Tesla … We also like the side doors that rest on the ground, and it closes hermetically upwards. And while it’s about surviving the zombie apocalypse, it’s not at odds with having your own rooftop terrace to soak up the sun and a cool beer at sunset … Not for sale yet, but it’s clear that Tesla’s Cybertruck already it is an inspiration for artists and architects. Would you buy a house like these? Say goodbye to scrapers, water jets and other annoyances: Tesla wants to replace windshields with lasers that disintegrate dirt from the glass. There is little left for us to see this peculiar vehicle on the roads. A few days ago an image of the Cybertruck was leaked on the assembly line. Elon Musk has also hinted that they might launch a somewhat smaller model for Europe.

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