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Tesla would like to make his sponsorship system too expensive for him more complex


Tesla’s sponsorship system would cost him a huge amount of money. So much so that the American manufacturer would consider modifying its process by making it more difficult to access.

Because Tesla is really not a car brand like any other, the manufacturer has opted for a very different advertising strategy from its competitors. In fact, the California-based company has never invested millions of dollars in advertising to promote its electric vehicles.

Instead, the company relied on its user base and a sometimes very beneficial sponsorship system. At one time, for example, the most dynamic sponsors could be rewarded with a Tesla Roadster, no more and no less. When others were entitled to big discounts.

Gifts, do you want some here?

According to Electrek, 80 people for example had the right to a Roadster after having sponsored a large number of new customers. Those days are over since January 2019, when Tesla put an end to this advantage that was too costly in its eyes. In another register, some have also had access to free recharge for life.

Tesla Superchargeurs

Two Tesla Superchargers // Gamesdone: Chad Russell on Pexels

In short, you will understand, Tesla’s sponsorship program is inevitable. Even today with the 1,500 kilometers of Supercharge offered. Except that all this generosity costs the manufacturer a lot of money: in the last quarter, the firm of Elon Musk would have offered 23 million dollars of kilometers.

Knowing that Tesla recorded profits of $ 438 million in Q1 2021, this amount of $ 23 million would represent in the idea 5.2% of its revenue. For a young company like her, which seeks to stabilize itself over the long term – Tesla has been profitable for seven consecutive quarters – any financial windfall is to be taken.

Some excess

This is why Tesla is seeking to modify access to its sponsorship system, in particular by making it more complex. Today, all you have to do is share a referral link (as the owner) to anyone, and this link will reward you for a purchase. And as the lifts Numerama, there are necessarily excesses, within the limit of rules imposed by Tesla.

The rules, in fact, are as follows: “Any use of referral links for commercial, advertising, mass distribution, sale or payment purposes is strictly prohibited and will not be honored by Tesla in any way.“. However, it is quite possible to post a link on YouTube, informal or fan sites and social networks.

In his article, the editor ofElectrek, in the person of Frédéric Lambert, indicates that he has 1.6 million free kilometers via Superchargers. Tesla would therefore plan to remove any referral link and turn to a new program implemented in its mobile application.

Meetings in person

Through new features deployed, the app ‘would connect a Tesla owner and a potential customer who would then meet in person. It is also a way to try a Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3 or Model Y. If the user orders a Tesla, the current sponsor would be rewarded.

At the time of writing, nothing is set in stone yet and the current system has not been changed. But in the future, Tesla could turn everything upside down to optimize even more finances.

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