Tuesday, April 20

Tesla withdraws its most affordable Model Y

A month and a half after integrating the Model Y Standard Range version into its catalog, Tesla finally backtracked by removing this variant from the configurator.

Tesla Model Y

You have to get up very early to follow and understand Tesla’s business logic. The Californian manufacturer has in fact removed the most affordable version of the Model Y from its online configurator. And this a month and a half after adding it to the catalog at a price of $ 41,990, without the seven-seat option billed at an additional $ 3,000.

At the time, this Standard Range version was not yet available in France and Europe. The Old Continent is anyway dependent on the Berlin Gigafactory for the marketing of the Model Y, which should land from the summer of 2020 once the works of the factory are completed.

It goes and it comes back

Still, the Standard Range variant of the electric SUV seems to give Elon Musk and his teams a hard time. Not technically, but rather commercially speaking: should it be sold? This is the question that the company is constantly asking itself. In March 2019, this version was indeed part of the specifications when the model was made official.

Then in July 2020, the boss of SpaceX suddenly canceled it, judging its future autonomy too low compared to expectations. Surprise: the Standard Range finally appeared on the American configurator five months later with delivery times ranging between two and five weeks, and a range of action set at 392 kilometers.

The return of the tax credit?

It’s hard to know where Tesla is really going with this. But Electrek suggests that the possible return of the tax credit to the USA – Tesla would then have access to a credit of $ 7,000 on 400,000 electric vehicles – could play a role.

If the Biden administration puts it back in place, then Tesla could sell off its cars while retaining the current catalog, consisting of the Long Range and Performance versions with much more interesting autonomy on paper (505 and 480 km). Or at least worthy of appearing on the manufacturer’s catalog in the eyes of Elon Musk.

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